Who to mob?

Macquarie Grocer - our second switcher

Our newest Carrotmob switcher is the Macquarie Grocer on the corner of Darcy St in South Hobart. What a fantastic bunch of hard working young Tasmanians to support. In recent times, they have begun to provide more sustainable packaging and through Carrotmob Hobart they have switched away from even more plastic items, to compostable options. They are more than happy for people to BYO packaging. Please reward them by tasting their yummy takeaway food and coffee and don't forget to mention Carrotmob, so they know their effort was *appreciated*.    Continue reading

Chennai Bismi - our first switcher

Yay! Chennai Bismi Kitchen at 127 Liverpool street is our first switcher. Please mob them with *appreciation* to support our Carrotmob campaign. They have just joined Carrotmob and removed all of their traditional plastic takeaway packaging from their Liverpool Street shop and switched to compostable options. Please reward them by visiting their yummy restaurant... don't forget to mention Carrotmob, so they know their effort was *appreciated*.    Continue reading

People power for positive change

We believe in the *power* of people to bring about *positive* change and right now we are calling on that power to help us tackle plastic packaging. We’re on a mission to encourage takeaway food businesses in Hobart to switch to more sustainable takeaway packaging and utensil options. We are going to follow the carrotmob approach...  and we need you!  Continue reading

Are you interested in switching?

Throughout November and December we are going to use our vast social media reach, our monthly newsletter and our annual Sustainable Living Festival (with an estimated 10,000 visitors expected) to prompt our network to support retailers in Hobart who switch to compostable takeaway packaging.  We are going to use the Carrotmob approach – and encourage our Sustainable Living Tasmania network of thousands of people to come together in a collective way to support and reward food retailers in Hobart that switch away from plastic takeaway packaging to compostable options. Continue reading