Warm homes

If you are building or renovating, the Design Series for Homes in Cool Temperate Climates can save you money on your energy costs and make your home more comfortable to live in.

They provide highly informative technical information specific to Tasmania's climate to help people design, build, or renovate their home to maximise performance and minimise carbon footprint. 

The Design Series is suitable for use by: building professionals, individual practitioners, engineers, building designers, assessors, surveyors and supervisors; as well as local and State governments. The highly informative series provides technical information to help anyone designing building and or renovating a house to maximise its environmental performance, improving its liveability and reduce its carbon footprint.

The documents were produced by Tasmanian Branch of the Australian Solar Council in collaboration with Sustainable Living Tasmania and with funding from Hobart City Council.

For more information on the Design Series contact the Australian Solar Council, Tasmanian branch, Rob McGregor. (Tel: 6223 5154. Email: [email protected])