Want to switch?

Throughout November and December we are going to use our vast social media reach, our monthly newsletter and our annual 
Sustainable Living Festival (with an estimated 10,000 visitors expected) to prompt our network to support retailers in Hobart who switch to compostable takeaway packaging. 

We are going to use the Carrotmob approach – and encourage our Sustainable Living Tasmania network of thousands of people to come together in a collective way to support and reward food retailers in Hobart that switch away from plastic takeaway packaging to compostable options.

We’re on a mission to encourage takeaway food businesses in Hobart to provide more sustainable takeaway packaging and utensil options and *embolden* their customers to BYO packaging.

What a great opportunity to promote your business! Let us know if you are interested in being involved


* Tell us which plastic takeaway containers you will stop supplying and what compostable packaging you will switch to

* Sign a Carrotmob pledge to put on your notice board

* Start providing compostable packaging options

* Let us interview you to gather stories about you and your business to share with our network.

* Keep in touch over November and December and share our posts with your networks


We have identified a number of Tasmanian suppliers of Biopak compostable takeaway packaging (biopak.com.au). Contact them to find out more:

* Craig Mclaren, AbelPakk, 0409986174, abelpakk.com.au

* John Mills, Complete Office Supplies, 0417886686 , cos.net.au

View our flyer for potential switchers.



Encouraging positive environmental change in our communities using the ‘carrot’ instead of the stick