Kate's Nov. Sourdough + Cultured Butter Workshop

In this workshop we will make cultured butter and sourdough bread. It runs over 2 sessions and you need to attend both: Friday Nov. 6th, 7pm - 8.30pm + Sat. Nov. 7th 8am - 9am

The sourdough method I choose to use is easy and foolproof, producing nutritious and delicious bread every time. Butter made from a fermented cream is known as cultured butter. During fermentation, the cream naturally sours as bacteria convert milk sugars into lactic acid which makes for a fuller-flavoured and more "buttery" tasting product.

To register, add your EMAIL address (NOT your name) to the November Sourdough + Cultured Butter Workshop booking sheet. I will then send you a confirmation email and payment details.

The dawn of civilisation in Egypt heralded the start of seed saving and sowing. Cereal grains were easy to collect and easy to grow and thus began the evolution of bread creation, culminating in the discovery of using soaked and fermented flour to make risen bread, which we call sourdough. Created before the invention of any modern equipment or ingredients,sourdough bread remains today one of the world’s favourite and simplest breads.

Before modern factory butter making, cream was usually collected from several milkings and obviously not refrigerated. It was therefore several days old and somewhat fermented by the time it was made into butter. 

Fermented foods, including sourdough breads and cultured butter, allow the human body to absorb all their nutrients and cause less health problems than faster, industrial methods.

To register, add your EMAIL address (NOT your name) to the November Sourdough + Cultured Butter Workshop booking sheet

Read more on my garden Shed and Pantry website https://gardenshedandpantry.wordpress.com/

  • November 06, 2015 at 7:00pm – 9:30pm
  • The Garden Shed and Pantry
    4 Winns Rd
    Cygnet, Tasmania 7112
    Google map and directions
  • $45.00 AUD
  • Kate Flint

$45.00 AUD · Purchase tickets

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