The results are in - Tassievores have more fun!

The results are in from the third Tassievore Eat Local Challenge which was clearly embraced by hundreds of Tasmanians who increased their consumption of locally produced food and supported local businesses.  The Challenge ran throughout March, with mini-challenges each week focussed on sourcing, growing, shopping and feasting on local produce. 

We are lucky to live in a place with a great climate for growing a diversity of produce, skilled farmers and business people and a population that is inspired by good food. The Challenge is a great way for people to focus on what they are eating and to put in the extra effort to source locally produced products.

In the words of one participant:

“The deliberate focussing of my attention enabled me to take in much more information on labelling, ask questions about produce and become more discerning about which shops support local growers.”

A survey of people taking the Challenge showed some impressive outcomes, with:

78% of participants reporting improved knowledge of what Tasmanian products are available and where to get them as a result of the Challenge; and

87% of respondents stating that they plan to continue eating more Tasmanian food than they did before the Challenge began.

Benefits of the Challenge according to another participant included, “Expanding my understanding of the range of amazing local products on offer and finding some amazing small local grocers that I didn't know about before. These benefits were also passed onto extended family and friends who are now looking to continue to eat more local produce and think about where their food comes from and how it has been produced.”

Resources such as a Local Food Directory and Tassievore Recipes have been developed to assist people taking the Challenge and are available all year round on the website -  While the Challenge is focussed on the month of March, organisers encourage people to make every day a Tassievore day.

The Tassievore Eat Local Challenge is an initiative of Sustainable Living Tasmania, run in collaboration with the Heart Foundation, Eat Well Tasmania, Tasmanian School Canteen Association, Urban Farming Tasmania, Produce to the People and the University of Tasmania.