The Permablitz Project

A permablitz is an informal day-long event that involves a group of people coming together to build an edible garden, share skills and knowledge related to permaculture, strengthen their community bonds, and very importantly, have fun!

The idea is for many hands to chip in to revamp a non-productive garden space like a lawn into one that can yield a steady supply of vegetables and other goodies, such as eggs and fruit. The new food garden is based on permaculture principles, meaning one of its key qualities is it requires minimal upkeep.

Blitz participants usually work in task groups, according to a plan of the garden developed by a qualified permaculture consultant. And, as the new garden takes shape during the course of the day, its builders enjoy great conversations, share amazing food and forge new friendships.

In 2014, Sustainable Living Tasmania and Good Life Permaculture teamed up to run five permablitzes; three in Hobart and two in Launceston. Each event resulted in a brand new vegetable garden for the host family, and chicken coops, orchards, compost bins and walkways were other garden features commonly constructed by the blitz teams.

Beyond the things built from wood, wire and mulch during the permablitzes were friendships, community networks, skill and knowledge bases, and inspiration and motivation for food gardening, which we hope blitzees will transform into action in their own gardens.

SLT would like to heartily thank the Tasmanian Climate Change Office for its financial support of the Permablitz Project, and Good Life Permaculture, for its in-kind support and invaluable expertise.