TEELS interest-free loans - Tasmanian Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme

The Tasmanian Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme (TEELS) - a joint initiative of the Tasmanian Government, Aurora Energy and the Westpac Group - was launched on 1st May 2017. The Scheme will provide interest-free finance for the purchase of energy efficient products for Tasmanian households and small businesses.

Note that there is another program, NILS. Subject to the availability of funds, The NILS Network of Tasmania can provide subsidies and no interest loans to low-income Tasmanians needing energy efficiency products such as heat pumps and home insulation. For more information about NILS Energy Saver Subsidies and Loans, go to their website www.nilstasmania.org.au OR call NILS on 1300 301 650.

Eligible Products

EcoHomeGuide_Logo_Tagline.pngThere are many products available. Sustainable Living Tasmania's energy experts are here to help you work out which option is best for your unique circumstances. Visit us at first floor 71 Murray Street, Hobart, or contact us on 6234 5566 or ecohomeguide@slt.org.au.

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Scheme details

  • The scheme is open to Tasmanian residential and small business customers (definition of small business = consumes less than 150 MWh per annum, which is approx. $30,000 per annum);
  • or households the interest-free period is 3 years for amounts of $500 up to $10,000.
  • For small businesses the interest-free period is 5 years for amounts of $10,001 up to $40,000.
  • Customers will be permitted one successful application for the duration of the scheme, however Aurora have indicated multiple people within the same property can make separate applications;
  • Customers can purchase multiple eligible products provided they don't exceed the maximum finance value in the application category.
  • The scheme is available to customers for a period of 12 months, or until funds run out, so get in quick!;
  • Products can be purchased from any supplier which has operated in Tasmania for a period of 18 months or more (which includes all of our partner businesses on Eco Home Guide);
  • While TEELS is being run through Aurora, you don't need to be an Aurora customer to be eligible (i.e. off-grid and/or with a different retailer are eligible).
  • A total of up to $20 million of finance will be provided through the scheme.

Application process

  1. Apply through the Aurora website, confirming you reside/operate business in Tasmania and that you are plan to purchase an eligible product.
  2. Aurora will send an email back to you confirming your application and forwarding info to Westpac.
  3. Westpac will contact you to arrange appointment. At this stage you'll need a quote for the product(s) you plan to buy with the TEELS loan. 
  4. You will be subject to normal Westpac lending processes and requirements.
  5. Once approved, you will receive a Westpac credit card, which you can use to pay the supplier(s) of the approved items.
  6. You give the receipt for the approved items to Westpac.

The process for small businesses is slightly different. Read about it on the Aurora website here.

Want help?

Sustainable Living Tasmania's energy experts are here to help! Visit us at first floor 71 Murray Street, Hobart, or contact us on 6234 5566 or ecohomeguide@slt.org.au.