Tassievore Bircher Muesli

Refreshing yet wholesome – this Bircher muesli is a treat at any time of year. It is also an excellent option if you don’t have much time in the morning as the majority of prep is done the night before.


4 cups Oats
3 cups Apple juice
1 cup Yoghurt
2-3 Grated apples
Tasmanian nuts, seeds, fruit, honey and more yoghurt


Combine oats, juice, yoghurt and grated apples in a container and mix. The mixture should be easy to stir through, if it is not – add more juice.

Dried fruit, lemon juice or zest, extra bran and milk can also be added into the mix.

Store in fridge overnight. This bircher mix can be kept in the fridge for 5 days.

Serve with any Tasmanian yoghurt, nuts (hazel, wal and chestnut), linseed, honey or fruit (fresh, preserved, poached or dried) every morning or at snack time/ dessert/ when eating on the run.

View a printable pdf version.