Tassievore Bircher Muesli

Refreshing yet wholesome – this Bircher muesli is a treat at any time of year. It is also an excellent option if you don’t have much time in the morning as the majority of prep is done the night before. Continue reading

Spiced Spelt Loaf

Who better to ask for a spelt recipe than the growers themselves? This rich and spicy damper-style loaf is a favourite of Henriette’s from Kindred Organics. It is also wonderfully quick and easy to prepare. Continue reading


A classic accompaniment to a traditional or vegetarian Ploughmans lunch – serve with some of our gorgeous local cheeses and small goods plus some crusty bread and fresh salad. Eat outside under a tree or umbrella if you want to elevate your meal with the traditional English beer garden treatment. Continue reading

No-knead Bread

This bread takes a full day to make but much of that time is spent waiting for the slow fermentation of the dough that gives you the perfect loaf you are aiming for. Remember to source Tasmanian ingredients at whole-food shops and farmers markets.  Continue reading


Do you prefer your gnocchi to be light and delicate? If so, this recipe is for you. It can take time to make good gnocchi, so be sure to set aside some time to do it well. You will need patience and persistence to ensure that they don't come out too dense or soggy. Gnocchi could be used as a great substitute for cheese in the Tassievore Palak Paneer dish.    Continue reading