Source Community Wholefoods Cooperative

Source Community Wholefoods Cooperative is the ultimate leader of the pack in terms of sustainable packaging. They don't offer any takeaway packaging and they purchase everything in bulk. Source is a fantastic initiative on the University of Tasmania Hobart campus, providing a place to explore social and environmental issues, acting as a living example of urban sustainability that encourages community involvement and creativity.


Source Community Wholefoods

SOURCE Community Wholefoods is a community-driven, not-for-profit venture that includes:

  • An organic food co-operative: providing affordable organic, local, minimally packaged & fair trade goods. The co-op lives in a beautiful straw and earth bale building located on French St. on the campus of the University of Tasmania, in Sandy Bay.
  • community garden: providing a fun & healthy way for people to spend time together, share valuable skills & grow their own food. The garden includes a wood-fired pizza oven, small apple orchard and composting facility.