Set yourself up BYO style

Be prepared

If you want to cut down the amount of waste you produce, the first step is to get prepared. You may find what you need in your own kitchen - Tupperware containers, spare cutlery, a mug, a spare bag. If not, here is a neat idea for a handy pack for your car or office. You'll never need to accept a single-use container for your takeaway lunch or coffee ever again! We found these packs at Teros in Hobart. Continue reading

You're allowed to BYO

All around Hobart, businesses like Frankies Empire in Elizabeth Street (thanks for the yummy photo) are encouraging people to BYO plate, fork and cup. YES it is OK, legal and cool to BYO, as long as you take care and ensure that your containers are clean. City of Hobart Environmental Health Manager Mark Dwyer provided us with clarification to ensure that there is no confusion.   Continue reading

Get yourself a keep cup with screw on lid

Through Carrotmob Hobart, we are looking for shops that have great BYO packaging ideas. Teros was founded in 2014 by four locals who wanted to bring to Hobart a source of inspiration to live a healthier and greener lifestyle. They diligently research and carefully select products that meet green, ethical and healthy criteria. They have a large range of great reusable packaging, cups, utensils and more. In particular, check out the insulated coffee mug with screw top lid. Clip it to your bag and away you go! Continue reading