Sanden Hot Water

Sanden is the only product that has a heat pump unit built and designed in Japan and have a stainless steel tank build and designed in Australia. The Sanden Forest Factory near Mount Akagi has received many awards for its environmental design and how it co-exists with the natural environment, items like zero drainage and and an 80 item recycling centre all housed into the design, construction and operation of this modern 21st centre factory.

 Key points about the product:

Features and Benefits

  • A high Coefficient of Performance (COP=4.5) results in significantly reduced energy use and CO2 emissions.
  • Up to 50% faster heat recovery than typical heat pumps. In ambient air of 10 ºC it takes approx. 5 hours to heat water from 17 ºC to 65 ºC. Designed for milder conditions and locations.
  • Uses unique Ozone friendly CO2 (R744) refrigerant.
  • Simple installation by Plumber and Electrician, with no refrigeration mechanic required.
  • An automatic heating cycle, which makes it perfect for use with off-peak power.
  • Fitted with in-built freeze protection, making it suitable for all climates (-10 ºC to +43 ºC).
  • No backup element required.
  • Whisper quiet operation, with industry leading noise level of 38 dB - very neighbour friendly!
  • High quality, weather resistant construction for outdoor location
  • Industry leading 3 year Warranty on the Heat Pump module and pro rata 15 years on the stainless steel cylinder.


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  • Michael Foley
    commented 2016-11-02 08:59:52 +1100
    Prices please on the unit.