Waste is a human concept and also a human problem. In nature there is no waste, as every living thing serves a greater purpose than its own lifespan, and contributes to the growth of something else. Nature is abundant, alive and in a constant state of change and turning waste into organic soil improver can have a really positive impact on the environment.

Firstly, composting reduces landfill waste. In Tasmania 42% of material accepted in our landfill is food and green waste and 18% is paper and cardboard (source). Secondly, it can help reduce our reliance on commercial fertilisers which can lead to contamination of water with nitrates (created by soil bacteria from the nitrogen in fertilisers) and phosphates (which stimulate the growth and death of algae in slow moving water and ultimately less oxygen in the water causing fish kills).

We have recently run Carrotmob Hobart, a project to encourage retailers to switch to compostable packaging. The information gathered provides a good summary of compostable takeaway packaging and much more. 

Compost and turn all your organic household waste into beautiful soil with composting and worm farming.

Install a composting toilet as they are a fantastic way to reduce the amount of sewage your household produces, by turning it into safe, odour-free compost.

Waste hierarchy - Recogniserefuserethinkreducere-userotrecyclerun away from the problem