Make things, fix things, consider more carefully what products you buy, so that you have less rubbish to get rid of later on. Coming out of consumer culture requires breaking the habit of acquiring and instead holding our focus on reducing, fixing and making.


With small changes we can all dramatically reduce the waste our household sends to landfill and the associated environmental impacts. 

Currently 445,794 tonnes of business and domestic waste and a similar amount of clean fill (such as soil, bricks and concrete rubble) are buried in Tasmanian landfills each year (source).

Food and garden organics make up approximately 52% of business and 42% of household landfill waste (source).

Paper and cardboard make up approximately 13% of business and household landfill waste (source).

Reduce e-waste by making your current electronic and electrical equipment last longer and choose more environmentally friendly options when buying new products.

Waste hierarchy - Recogniserefuserethinkreducere-userotrecyclerun away from the problem