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What are Regional Centres of Expertise?

Tasmania is now a United Nations Regional Centre for Expertise in Education for Sustainable Development. We are honoured by the privilege to be linked in with around 150 other Centres all around the World. We look forward to sharing Tasmania's knowledge and expertise with the global RCE Network and adapting and applying programs and initiatives successfully established in other regions across the World. Continue reading

Learning for Sustainability Scotland

LfS Scotland now has over 600 members and actively promotes education for sustainable development, or as they call it, Learning for Sustainability (LfS). When LfS reaches its fullest potential it is a transformative experience, changing the understanding of our place and interactions in the world. It is a developing field and the form learning must adopt to reach its full transformative potential is not yet fully understood. Continue reading

Greater Western Sydney RCE

The Greater Western Sydney RCE is made up of 34 partners from different areas, institutes, organisations, community groups, local governments and business. They use working groups to address and create projects around regional sustainability challenges. These working groups are open for all RCE-GWS members and associate members to join and participate in. Continue reading