Action plan

The United Nations University officially acknowledged Tasmania as a Regional Centre of Expertise in Education for Sustainable Development on 17 December 2015. 

Processes for implementing action in Tasmania:

  • Expand the RCE community and build a coherent, linked network by convening regional and state-wide forums.
  • Undertake an audit of 'education for sustainable development' initiatives to identify new organisations and encourage collaboration. 
  • Develop an effective communication network to reduce negative beliefs surrounding sustainability in the Tasmanian community (web information, social media, etc.).
  • Organise a series of workshops with partners and stakeholders to characterise the region and identify and map the existing strengths and weaknesses within Tasmania that impact learning and action for sustainability.
  • Develop and implement an Education for Sustainability professional learning program for teachers to integrate sustainable development themes in the curriculum.
  • Leverage support and obtain funding (particularly through state and local government).
  • Develop and build links with the RCE global network to create joint projects, research and mechanisms for sharing experiences, information and best practice.
  • Work collaboratively with all organisations with an educative role.
  • Establish best practice sustainable development teaching and learning.
Objectives Activities  Responsibility  Completion date