Use public transport

bus.pngCatching the bus is a chance to relax, catch up on life, read a book or make a new friend.

There is more to going public than just avoiding rising oil prices. Cutting back on driving time gives you more time to do something productive: call a friend (or make a new one), read a book, listen to a podcast or do some work. You could even start a ‘future holiday’ fund with all the money you’ll be saving.

Transport is the single biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Tasmania, and the choices we make around our personal transport can have a big impact on that. Going completely car-less might not be practical for everyone, but cutting back on your driving time – through using public transport, walking, riding your bike, carpooling or a combination of them all – is a great start.

Metro Tasmania runs publicly operated urban bus services throughout Tasmania. Use the Trip Planner feature to quickly and easily find the best services for your journey. You can also check with the Tasmanian Travel and Information Centre for regional bus services.