Use re-useable fresh produce bags

trolley.pngYou won't understand why you didn't do it sooner.

Next time you reach for those thin, clear plastic bags in your supermarket’s fresh produce section, think to yourself: is this really the best way to carry my fruit and vegetables? 

We’ve gotten into the habit of piling our fresh produce into individual plastic bags. But not only are those bags rarely used more than once, wasting the finite fossil fuels used to produce them, they also prevent water and air flow, which is bad for your fruit and veg.

Re-useable fresh produce bags come in a variety of materials, from mesh to canvas. They are durable, washable, multi-sized, and lots of them now come in fun patterns! Keep them in handy locations so they’re ready when you need them, or, if it comes to it, keep produce loose in your shopping trolley.

We like these ones, but there are others around that are just as good.