Past events

  • Waste Free Living

    Sustainable Living event
    • Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 10:30 AM
    • Sustainable Living Festival, Hobart Waterfront

    What can be done at the household and industry level to move towards zero waste?


    Modern consumer society produces huge amounts of non-recyclable, non-renewable waste. However, with a few simple adjustments your lifestyle, it is possible to significantly reduce your ecological footprint. This exciting talk will encourage you take a journey towards a waste free existence.

    Panel Facilitated by Margaret Steadman.

    Panel Members:

    • Oberon Carter - Oberon works in threatened species conservation by day. He and his family have been living close to waste-free for over a year. He is also president of Permaculture Tasmania and a budding actor. 
    • Thomas Crawford - Thomas recently completed his honours on food waste at UTAS and is now starting a food waste composting pilot project with Source Community Wholefoods Cooperative and Hobart City Farm. Thomas is a super passionate, young zero waster.
    • Lissa Villeneuve - Lissa is passionate about waste reduction.  She runs numerous events (including our own Sustainable Living Festival), all with minimal footprint.  Lissa will share her strategies for only putting your bins out 1-2 times a year. 
    • Alban Johnson - Alban, owner of Eumarrah, is passionate about reducing the amount of single use packaging in food production and retail and will share his tips for how to reduce your own reliance on food packaging. 
    • Alderman Bill Harvey - Bill is an Alderman on the Hobart City Council and current board member of Resource Work Cooperative. Bill is especially interested in strategies to eliminate plastic pollution and achieving the council target of zero waste to landfill by 2030.


  • Sands Family Circus

    Sustainable Living event
    • Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 11:00 AM
    • Sustainable Living Festival, Hobart Waterfront

    Tasmanians will be well acquainted with the delightfully talented Sands Family Circus.  Also performing at 12.30pm Saturday.

    From the smallest to the tallest, these kids and their parents have some amazing tricks, flips and flops to share at the Festival.

  • Natural Clay Play and Sculpture Making with Barefoot Timberworks

    Sustainable Living event
    • Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 11:30 AM
    • Sustainable Living Festival, Hobart Waterfront

    Mud, mud, glorious mud...there's nothing quite like it for keeping the kids entertained.

    You can explore natural building techniques with Galen and Stefan, while the others play with clay.

  • Leadership: Becoming Agents of Change

    Sustainable Living event
    • Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 12:30 PM
    • Sustainable Living Festival, Hobart Waterfront

    Strong leadership is essential for implementing change. We will explore what makes a good leaders and the importance of supporters in creating those leaders.


    • Rodney Croome is a long time advocate for LGBTI equality and was named Tasmanian Australian of the Year in 2015.
    • Kym Goodes' (TASCOSS) focus is on working towards a fairer and more equitable Tasmania through collaboration and partnerships between the social services sector, business, communities and government. Her major focus is on ensuring all Tasmanians have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of life, economic, social and political.
    • Greg Irons (Director, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary) lives to protect Tasmania’s unique wildlife. He firmly believes small changes make a big difference, and inspires others to make change happen.
    • Damian Richmond (Bank Australia) works with a variety of social, community and environmental customers within Bank Australia. With a current focus on assisting environmental groups and the banks growth within the environmental sector.
    • Simon Fishwick (University of Tasmania) had more than 20 years professional experience as a HR professional, manager and consultant prior to commencing a full-time academic role at the University of Tasmania in 2001. His expertise is in strategic Human Resourcing and leadership with a particular interest in effective implementation. 
  • Mangus and Katy Raucher

    Sustainable Living event

    Tasmanian based jazz and blues musician Mangus brings his growling vocals and boisterous National Guitar back to SLF2016, joined by special guest the soulful American Jazz vocalist Katy Raucher.


  • Seafoods and Coastal Bushfoods

    Sustainable Living event

    Indigenous foods have always been a part of our cultural diet.  


    Now we have interest in our foods from all over the word. True sustainable food growing and gathering has to be managed by the understanding of the source of this food.


  • Growing up Green

    Sustainable Living event
    • Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 02:30 PM
    • Sustainable Living Festival, Hobart Waterfront
    How do we foster a love of nature and sustainability within our younger generations? What practical action can parents and educators take?

    Discussion facilitated by Julia Curtis.

    Panel Members:

    • Sam Cuff (Parks and Wildlife) has spent the last decade working for the Parks and Wildlife Service inspiring people to get out and connect with Tassie’s astonishing wilderness areas. Sam looks forward to sharing some of these experiences during the Growing up Green forum.
    • Nell Smit (Greening Australia) Nel has a passion for connecting people to nature. She links education and environment at the Sustainability Learning Centre to promote action.
    • Di Nailon (University of Tasmania) is an early childhood educator and researcher with a passion for being alongside young children on their adventures into learning about and learning for sustainability. Di brings her practical experiences with educators and young children to the Sustainable Living program.
    • Dorka Kabaivanof (Bush Kinder) has been a registered Family Day Carer with Lady Gowrie since 2011. She runs a much loved bush kinder program for children three and a half to five years of age in the beautiful Waterworks Reserve overlooked by Mt Wellington. Children explore, learn and investigate in a natural environment engaging with all their senses, active and free to inquire. Forest Kindergarten are widespread in Europe and their benefit for the children's emotional, social and intellectual learning is well known.
    • Rob Fairly (Doolami) has worked as a facilitator of wilderness based therapy courses for a decade.  He believes in the power of these programs to create transformative experiences that lead to dynamic and positive changes in people’s lives.
    • Audrey Carter - Audrey is a home-educated teenager who’s passionate about the environment and reducing waste. She has been living waste-free with her family for over a year.

    As always, the Festival Discussions bring you a panel of experts to discuss the pressing and fascinating issues of our time.


  • Sourdough bread at home

    Sustainable Living event

    Margaret is synonymous with Simple Sourdough around Hobart. Over the years she has taught hundreds of people to bake delicious bread.


    Bring a clean jar along to take some of her famed “fern tree” starter home.

  • Fermentation Fest

    Community event



    Learn how to make simple, nutritious & delicious ferments in your own home!

    We’ve designed this practical, hands-on learning experience just for you, showing you how to make:

    • Tempeh (soybeans inoculated and fermented with rhizopus spores),
    • Sauerkraut and kim chi (both wild ferments based on salt and cabbage),
    • Pickles (with vegetables),
    • Country wine (using seasonal fruits),
    • Sourdough bread, and
    • Yoghurt.

    Read all course info and register today here:

  • You're invited to a Free Tassievore Lunch

    Community event


    The Tassievore Challenge turns 5 this year, and we're handing over the reins to you!! 

    In exchange for a delicious free lunch, we'd love to borrow your brains for an hour and hear about what you want from the Tassievore Eat Local Challenge in 2017. This will help us to plan for next year - your wish is our command!

    If you can join us, from midday on Thursday December 15th, please RSVP to [email protected] so that we can know how much to cook :-)

    If you can't attend in person, but would like to be involved, please email us with your phone number and we'll call you in the coming fortnight to get your ideas and input. We'll even post you a tasty little gift to say thanks!! 

    We hope to see you there!!

    the Tassievore team