Past events

  • Kate's Nov. Sourdough + Cultured Butter Workshop

    Community event

    In this workshop we will make cultured butter and sourdough bread. It runs over 2 sessions and you need to attend both: Friday Nov. 6th, 7pm - 8.30pm + Sat. Nov. 7th 8am - 9am

    The sourdough method I choose to use is easy and foolproof, producing nutritious and delicious bread every time. Butter made from a fermented cream is known as cultured butter. During fermentation, the cream naturally sours as bacteria convert milk sugars into lactic acid which makes for a fuller-flavoured and more "buttery" tasting product.

    To register, add your EMAIL address (NOT your name) to the November Sourdough + Cultured Butter Workshop booking sheet. I will then send you a confirmation email and payment details.

    The dawn of civilisation in Egypt heralded the start of seed saving and sowing. Cereal grains were easy to collect and easy to grow and thus began the evolution of bread creation, culminating in the discovery of using soaked and fermented flour to make risen bread, which we call sourdough. Created before the invention of any modern equipment or ingredients,sourdough bread remains today one of the world’s favourite and simplest breads.

    Before modern factory butter making, cream was usually collected from several milkings and obviously not refrigerated. It was therefore several days old and somewhat fermented by the time it was made into butter. 

    Fermented foods, including sourdough breads and cultured butter, allow the human body to absorb all their nutrients and cause less health problems than faster, industrial methods.

    To register, add your EMAIL address (NOT your name) to the November Sourdough + Cultured Butter Workshop booking sheet

    Read more on my garden Shed and Pantry website

  • Bush Adventures

    Sustainable Living event

    We’ll be showcasing how adults, families and kids can care for Hobart’s bushland by providing an interactive stall showing what we do and how people can get involved.


    There will be the opportunity for children to “meet some of Hobart’s bushland animals and discover how to find the hidden inhabitants of our local bush”. Free native-plants will be available for all participants to take home and plant in their own gardens.

  • Closing the loop - a breakfast event

    Community event

    Community Recycling Network Australia invites you to a breakfast event "Closing the Loop: Research and collaboration for a more resourceful world."


    In a world of finite and rapidly depleting resources, drastic changes to our current ‘take, make and dispose’ economy are not only desirable, but inevitable. This event will introduce the principles of Circular Economy and Industrial Ecology, showcase some exciting examples from around Australia, and start conversations about how they can be put into practice.

  • Two day Intro to Permaculture course- Launceston November 2015

    Community event

    This fantastic two day Intro to Permaculture course is being held November 14-15th in Launceston. An all Northern Tasmania teaching team with experienced practitioners Nick Towle, Caroline Smith and Kym Blechynden plus guest lecturers providing a range of theory, demonstrations and hands on activities. You will leave the two day course ready to start implementing permaculture practices and activities straight away, helping you to lead a more sustainable, enjoyable, responsible and healthy lifestyle.

  • Youth eco Shorts Program and Youth Short Film Competition

    Community event
    • Saturday, November 14, 2015 at 10:30 AM
    • State Cinema in North Hobart, Australia
    • $14.50 AUD

    Short films from around the world. These carefully selected films present a fun and diverse look at invisible ocean life, the tranquility of forests and almost everything in between. 


    Presented by Matilda Brown. View more information

  • Eco Panel Discussion- All Roads Lead to Environment

    Community event

    Engage the mind at the TeFF's panel discussion featuring seven enthusiastic experts who have dedicated their lives to the environment, the panel will be followed by an audience Q&A.


    While it's best to be there in person to ask questions, no one has to miss out! We're also broadcasting live over the net.

    PANEL FACILITATOR - Sara James - Emmy Award-winning foreign correspondent

    Panelists include:

    Chris Darwin – Environmentalist, and great great grandson of Charles Darwin.

    Ray Dearlove – Founder & Director Australian Rhino Project.

    Todd Houstein – Director Sustainable Living TAS.

    Dr Richard Kirby – Marine & Plankton Expert.

    Ginger Mauney – Wildlife filmmaker, Save the Rhino Trust.

    Peter McGlone – Director Tasmanian Conservation Trust.

    David Ritter – CEO Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

    Find out more

  • Animals Tasmania Presents- From Apathy to Activism, a talk by James Aspey of Voiceless 365

    Community event

    Animals Tasmania are proud to host an evening with James Aspey.

    In 2014, James embarked on an unprecedented and life changing challenge. James took a 365 day VOW OF SILENCE to raise awareness for animals and promote peace over violence. He did this while travelling around Australia, and also whilst cycling 5000km's from Darwin to Sydney, in his popular campaign, Voiceless365. He then ended his vow, live, on Australia's most popular morning TV show and now he's sharing what he's learned with the world!

    James has, this year been using his voice to continue promoting justice for ALL animals, delivering talks countrywide.

    This event will be entry by donation with a light vegan supper on offer and some treats after the talk, with plenty of opportunity to meet and chat with James and members of the Animals Tasmania team. 

    Look forward to seeing you there!

  • How to Grow Mushrooms

    Community event

    Join Will Borowski from Forest Fungi for this full day of hands-on learning where he will demystify the process of how you can grow your own edible, gourmet mushrooms.  You’ll walk away knowing how to grow delicious organic oyster, shiitake, enoki (and more) in your own home, plus a whole new network of fellow fungi enthusiasts!

    This workshop will

    • Take you through the basics of mushroom propagation, these principles can be adapted to most mushroom varieties, meaning you’ll be able to cultivate pretty much any mushroom you’re heart and taste buds desire.
    • Show you how to inoculate logs with dowels and spawn.
    • Show you how to grow mushrooms on straw, coffee grounds and a host of other compostables.

    Students receive

    We send you home with an exciting show bag valued at $100 full of the following goodies:

    • 5 petri dishes inoculated in class with a cloned mushroom
    • 2 pre-made petri dishes of 2 different types of oyster mushrooms
    • 2 bags of oyster mushrooms inoculated in class
    • 1 inoculated log with  shiitake dowels and grain spawn-students will get enough to make 3 more logs at home.
    • Knowledge and a new network of enthusiasts so you can stay connected and keep learning after the course, and
    • Free membership to the Forest Fungi Culture Club where you will receive exclusive access to harder to grow varieties, discounts on items and exclusive ongoing support from Will through the Culture Club facebook group.

    For more information and to register, click here.

  • People's Climate March

    Community event

    In the last weekend of November, will you help create the biggest climate march the world has ever seen?

    On the eve of world leaders meeting in Paris for the United Nations climate summit, we will gather in Australian cities and walk alongside millions of people in hundreds of major cities around the world.

    Join hundreds of thousands of Australians as we march for a transition to renewable energy, for secure job creation, for clean air, for a healthy environment and a safe climate.

    Event page on Facebook

  • Crowd funding for community solar

    Community event
    • Wednesday, August 17, 2016 at 12:00 PM – October 01, 2016
    • Tastex Knitwear Inc. in Glenorchy , Australia

    Solar panels to support our community

    Tasmania's first community solar project was launched this month to raise funds to install 100 solar panels on the roof of Tastex, a not-for-profit knit mill, based in Glenorchy, providing meaningful employment and training to people with intellectual disabilities. 

    Support Tasmanians with disabilities AND the Environment by donating to Tasmania's first ever community funded solar project.

    There are two ways you can donate. 

    1) Donate via Chuffed to maximise the immediate benefit to Tastex.

    2) Donate via Corena Fund to support Tastex and future community solar projects in Tasmania and throughout Australia.

    Detailed analysis of Tastex's electricity consumption pattern has showed that 30 kW of solar PV could save over $7,000 of their annual electricity bill. The factory has a flat roof suitable for frame mounted panels.

    • The project has been developed with the support of the Waterworks Valley Community, the Tasmanian Renewable Energy Alliance and the Corena Fund.

    • There has never been a better opportunity to support community solar in Tasmania:

    • You will be supporting a valuable community enterprise.

    • Successful funding of this project will demonstrate that the community is being proactive on reducing Tasmania’s reliance on fossil fuels and combating climate change.

    • Funding of this project will demonstrate a successful collaborative model that can be used throughout Tasmania.

    • As Tastex repays money invested in the project, it will be reused by Corena Fund to support other community solar projects throughout Australia.