Practical Actions

Below are some of the positive, practical actions that you can take to help bring about a sustainable future in which everyone can flourish...

Install efficient lighting

It's cheaper, uses less energy and lasts longer. What's there to think about? Continue reading

Use re-useable fresh produce bags

You won't understand why you didn't do it sooner. Continue reading

Install tap aerators

Add some more air into the mix to save water and money. Continue reading

Install a ventilation system

If used appropriately, this could help reduce condensation and disperse excess heat in your home. Continue reading

Install a water tank

Make the most of the water given to us for free. Continue reading

Use an electric or fuel-efficient vehicle

If you can’t do without a car, consider buying an electric or fuel-efficient vehicle. Continue reading

Install floor insulation

Stop heat from leaking out through and between your floorboards Continue reading

Install double-glazing

Reduce heat loss through your windows with a double-glazed unit or retrofitted window film. Continue reading

Install insulating curtains, blinds and pelmets

Wrap up your windows in some thick, warm curtains or Luxaflex blinds and watch your thermostat rise. Continue reading

Use re-useable shopping bags

Do it for the birds, the fish, the oceans and the Earth. Continue reading

Fix leaking toilets

A barely discernible leak from your toilet's cistern is all it takes to lose over 200kL of water a year! Continue reading

Switch off lights when not in use

This one is about as simple as it gets. Continue reading

Green cleaning

Clean your home and yourself without polluting the environment. Continue reading

Draught proof your home

Draughts often account for 25% of heat loss in a home. Continue reading

Insulate hot water system, pipes, and valve

Wrap them up to make sure the energy and money you used heating your water doesn't go to waste. Continue reading

Use public transport

Catching the bus is a chance to relax, catch up on life, read a book or make a new friend. Continue reading


The average Australian throws out 361 kilograms of food every year, which then gives off greenhouse gases as it rots in landfill. Continue reading

Reduce packaging waste

If you have to buy something, choose products packaged minimally using post-consumer waste, and made of recyclable materials. Continue reading

Install or top-up ceiling insulation

Stop heat in its tracks and keep it in your home by installing new ceiling insulation or topping up your existing insulation. Continue reading

Install an efficient hot water system

Back in 2010, every state legislated to phase out conventional electric hot water systems... except Tasmania. They are terribly inefficient, and you can save a lot of energy by switching to heat pump hot water. Continue reading