Power Savings for Tenants

Save Money and Stay Warm

 This program helped tenants in private rental properties to save money on their power bills and stay warm.  The Power Savings for Tenants Program provided advice and FREE energy saving appliances to participants. This was achieved by Home energy helpers working with participants to reduce their power costs and installing FREE energy saving devices in their homes.

 This service included all of the following

table of upgrades

Brooke's Story                     

Brooke is a mother with two young children.

In 2012 had the Power Savings for Tenants Program visit her home and help her"Stay Warm and Save Money".
When we visited Brooke at her place this is what she had to tell us about the program.

"It has helped out in such a big way. Just having a few little upgrades to our home has had a big improvement on my son's health, his asthma has been improving"

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Power Savings for Tenants  - Results 

The Power Savings for Tenants project has now  completed its work in houses.  Now we are measuring the effectiveness of the project.  An early analysis of the energy usage of homes shows that the project is reducing household energy use by 3kWh per day, approximately 10% off the average Tasmanian bill.


- Thank you, the team who came to my house made such a difference.  My power bill was down by $10 a week or more WOW!!
- All in all you have been very helpful, I don't think this would be the case, so thank you very much.
- Draught proofing outstanding.  I felt the difference that day.  Replacing the light globes is expensive.
- The couple who came to advise us were lovely genuine people and very helpful.  Thank you very much.

Funded by the Tasmanian Government

The Power Savings for Tenants Program is funded by the Climate Change Office of the Tasmanian Government.  The projects aim is to "reduce residential energy consumption for eligible households". This project ran from April 2012 until March 2013 with follow up monitoring and evaluation. For further details of Tasmanian initiatives to reduce energy consumption contact the Tasmanian Climate Change Office.