Post your own event

You are welcome to promote your event or initiative on our events page if it is sustainability related. Our Facebook Community Group is also a great way that you can promote your events and initiatives. 

Before posting an event, you should also consider signing up to become a member of SLT. Membership costs $5 and comes with a range of benefits including discounted products and services. We are also always on the look out for like-minded partnerships and we offer a range of skills and services including event and project planning and promotion. So keep us in mind.

Posting an event on our events page

To begin with you will need to create a Login via the pink drop down menu in the top right hand corner of SLT webpages. You can Login using Facebook, Twitter or email. If using an email address you will need to 'Create an Account' and then click on 'Send Account Activation'. An email will be sent to your address and you can provide some details, including a password of your choice before clicking on 'Activate Account'.

Once logged in you will be able to post your own event by filling in this simple online form outlining the details of your event.

Please keep your post to the following format:

  • Paste in an image (it should be approximately 540 wide x up to 540 high and it will need to be copied from a webpage and pasted in). You are not given the opportunity to upload an image from your own hard drive. 
  • Add text including rsvp details.

Note that we need to approve your post before it appears live

We were getting a lot of spam on the calendar (e.g. promoting international boxing matches) before we implemented this measure. We endeavour to approve event postings within 3 business days. If you're event hasn't appeared then please contact us.

Good examples of event-page images

To promote your event on our Events Page and Facebook Community Group, it is often wise to include text on your image. 

 A good example of an event well advertised

Asking for local produce


Posting an event on our Sustainable Living Tas Community Group page

Images displayed on Facebook news-feeds are 472x394px (or 4:3). Too tall and the bottom gets cut off.

You can include text but not more than 20% of the image (including logos and slogans).

Example of an image cropped by Facebook