NILS 50% subsidies + interest-free loans

NILS loans and subsidies on energy efficient products closed.

Learn all about NILS Tasmania's 50% subsidies and interest-free loans for concession card holders on energy efficiency items.

Great news! NILS Tasmania's extremely popular 50% subsidies and interest-free loans on energy efficient items are back from 9th April 2018. Note that only holders of Centrelink Health Care Cards, Pension Concession Cards and Veterans Affairs Concession Cards are eligible. Another scheme (TEELS) open to all Tasmanian households and small businesses is now open.

Be quick, as it will only be available until funds run out! Quickly and easily get quotes on quality products at great prices from our new website Eco Home Guide.

Note that this scheme is run by NILS Network Tasmania with the support of the Aurora Energy YES Program and the State government.

Eligible Products


The following products were eligible in previous rounds, but may not be this time. We will provide an update here once we receive clarification from NILS:



  • You must live in Tasmania, and have a concession card, and have been at your current address for at least 3 months.
  • A minimum of 2 quotes is required for all items (you can quickly and easily get quotes on quality products at great prices from our new website Eco Home Guide).
  • Maximum of 1 item per loan application (exceptions may be made in special circumstances).
  • A maximum combined loan and subsidy of $3,000 (exceptions may be made in special circumstances).

How to apply

Go to this page on the NILS website and follow the prompts, or contact NILS on 1300 301 650. If you are eligible you will receive a NILS loan information kit, which will help you to gather everything you need to apply for the loan as well as point you in the right direction of your closest delivery partner for assistance with your loan application.

Want help?

Sustainable Living Tasmania's energy experts are here to help! Visit us at first floor 71 Murray Street, Hobart, or contact us on 6234 5566 or

** What's wrong with Dyson heaters?

The Dyson AMO5 and AM09 heaters are very expensive to purchase and to run. All plug-in heaters are inefficient and expensive to run. These Dyson models are marginally more efficient than other plug-in heaters because:

  1. They use a fan to push air around the room, rather than letting it rise to the ceiling and sit there, doing very little to make you warmer. However, any heater with a decent fan will achieve this same result.
  2. They have a thermostat, which allows you to control room temperature rather than unintentionally overheating the room. However, any heater with a decent thermostat will achieve a similar result. In fact, a better way to achieve the result is to buy a plug-in thermostat like this or this, because you can put the temperature sensor away from the heater.

A heater like this one will achieve very similar results for about one tenth of the price of the Dysons! So, even with a 50% subsidy you are getting poor value for money. But remember, all plug-in heaters are inefficient and expensive to run. Wherever possible, use a heat pump or wood heater, and only resort to plug-in heaters when absolutely necessary.