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Considering double glazing?
River Derwent house with double glazing.

You’re invited to our free workshop on 10 April 2019
Windows are usually the weakest link in your home as far as heat loss goes, and so improving them with double or triple glazed windows can make a huge difference to your thermal comfort and energy bills.  The two important values to look at when comparing windows are:
    • The U-value - which measures how much heat they let out of your home. You want this to be as low as possible.
    • The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) - which measures how much of the sun's energy they let into your home. You want this to be as high as possible.
Our new partner Titane Windows and Doors can help you with your double or triple glazing needs. Find out about the benefits at our free Double Glazing workshop, and hear about how Titane Windows and Doors can help you stay comfortable all year round.

Should I switch to the new energy retailer in Tasmania?
Aurora versus 1st Energy?

With the arrival of a new energy retailer to Tasmania - 1st Energy, Tasmanians finally have a choice.  Should you switch?  Maybe so, but you should make sure you’re well informed first.  Check out our research on our blog post to help you with your decision.  

Electrikhana - free event
Aust Electric Vehicle Association logo

2019 marks the first year when production electric vehicles are both available AND affordable.  What models are available?  How far can I go on a charge?  Where can I charge and what will it cost?  Learn all this and more from people who drive an EV every day.  The free event is this Saturday 2 March at the Hobart Showgrounds.

Confused about Solar - start here..

There are now more than 33,000 solar panel installations in Tasmania.  Is your home next? For the vast majority of Tasmanian households, rooftop solar panels are a financially positive investment, with environmental benefits to boot. Our research shows that the payback periods for solar are between 6 and 11 years, depending on your energy use.  With a 25 year performance warranty solar is definitely something most households should consider. Here’s the solar basics. Now you can take advantage of our Tassie-wide Solar Bulk Buy and get 5kW from $5490* (*Conditions apply - offer is only available until stocks last).

TEELS due to end 30 April 2019
Light globe image.

The Tasmanian Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme (TEELS) is due to end on 30th April 2019. TEELS is an interest free loan over 3 years available for energy efficient products and services.  Each adult in the household can apply (only once) for up to $10,000.  So what's next on your list? Apply for TEELS.

Special Offer - 1st service free when you purchase a heat pump* EGS supplier with customer.

Our Southern partner EGS are offering a free first service (valued at $150.00) completed by a qualified technician, for all accepted quotes installed by EGS before 15th March 2019. (*Conditions apply - only available to residents of Southern Tasmania).