Newsletter 2018 Issue 6


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Solar Panel Bulk Buy
Solar panels on roof

Do you or your family and friends live in the greater Launceston area?  Request a solar panel system quote and you’ll not only get the benefit of our latest research, but a bulk buy price as well. We’ve negotiated a special bulk buy price from our partner (quality 5kW solar panel systems starting at $5,490*).
To qualify you must live in the greater Launceston area and request a quote before 24 December 2018.  Our partner will then be in touch with you to give you the bulk buy price. There's also great pricing for solar in Southern Tas too! *Terms and conditions apply.

New Tariff Modelling - you'll be surprised at our findings
Aurora energy bill

Which tariff should you be on to save on your electricity bills, especially when you have solar panels?  Well, that depends on how much energy you use, what proportion is on residential light and power (tariff 31) and how much hot water you use.
We examined actual electricity consumption data from hundreds of households in greater Hobart, logging the data every 10 minutes for more than 12 months. The case studies we selected to use were households that varied the most to one another in terms of overall energy consumption, and daily consumption patterns (i.e. daytime versus night time usage).  This enabled us to test our findings to see if they held for markedly different load profiles.
To find out more about which tariff you should be on, grab your last four electricity bills and check out our blog.

Solar Modelling
Graphic of person installing solar panels.

Over the past couple of months Sustainable Living Tasmania have been performing the most detailed techno-economic modelling of solar and battery systems in Tasmanian conditions ever undertaken.
  • How good an investment are solar panels?
  • Should you get batteries too?
  • What size system should you get?
  • How much does it matter which direction the panels face?
  • Which tariff should you use?
  • What should I do with my old solar panels?
See our blog for more info.

10% off all Daikin Heat Pumps *
Darren from EGS talking heat pumps.

In the spirit of Christmas our partner is offering 10% off all Daikin heat pumps* - the ultimate in efficient heating. In our analysis, heat pumps have again come out tops as the most efficient and cost effective form of heating for Tasmanian homes - with Daikin being number one for coefficient performance. The most significant reason for lower real world efficiencies is likely to relate to installation, which is why we partner with experienced local installers focused on quality. 
  • * Excludes installation.
  • Offer ends 14 December 2018.

Farm Energy Grants
Farm paddocks

The Tasmanian Department of State Growth's On-farm Energy Audit and Capital Grant Program presents your Tasmanian Farm Business with a great opportunity to save on energy costs:
  • 67% subsidy on energy audits.
  • 50% subsidy on capital infrastructure, including solar, batteries, irrigation pumps, heating, cooling, insulation, etc.
Maximum grant assistance is $20,000 per applicant (which can buy you a lot of solar panels!).  We can help assess your eligibility and help you to apply for grants.

UTAS Science of Gardening
UTAS Science of Gardening logo

In this fully online class, you’ll learn the science behind traditional and modern gardening techniques, changing the way you see your plants, and the way you garden.  Offered just in time for summer, you can explore the many complex ways plants grow, reproduce and relate to each another, and improve your gardening techniques at the same time.
Key dates and information
  • Applications open now, closing Friday 1 December.
  • First online classes run 3 December until 6 March 2019. Study break over Christmas (24 Dec-30 Dec).
  • Offered fully online without tuition fees*.
  • (*conditions apply, see UTAS website for details).