Newsletter 2017 Issue 9

Hello from Sustainable Living Tasmania
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Only 2 days left to get >25% off insulation!
Man installing insulation in roof cavity.

If you live in Southern Tasmania you can get over 25% savings on ceiling, wall or floor insulation through the Home Energy Bulk Buy. All you have to do is request a quote in November to receive this special offer. Ruth from Mt Nelson did, and this is what she had to say:

“I had my insulation installed this week. Such an easy process. A couple of mouse clicks, pay a deposit and it was all done for me. Very efficient and straightforward. Good value too. Thanks SLT and HEG.”

Be sure to request a quote today! Follow the links from

5 top tips for a sustainable 'silly season'
Christmas image - holding small christmas tree in hand.

All too often the Christmas season is about over-indulgence, and with it a lot of waste. This silly season slow down, enjoy your well-earned rest and take pleasure in the simpler things in life. Give an experience like a massage, piano lessons, surf lessons, a local weekend away or carbon offsets. Use natural fibres to wrap your pressies like string and recycled paper (old patterns from op shops make great wrapping paper). Choose food that is fresh, healthy, seasonal and locally produced. Use reusable, recyclable or compostable products instead of disposable products such as plastic plates. Enjoy your family and friends and if they are visiting from interstate for the festive season, encourage them to offset their car or air travel (or offset it yourself as a gift to them!).

Do you want to generate your own electricity?
Solar panels on rooftop.

The silly season comes once a year, but our solar panel system bulk buy will only be available during December 2017 and January 2018. Why not take advantage of our bulk buy to save hundreds of dollars off normal prices and slash your electricity bills. We’re offering savings on 5kW systems, with upgrades for those who have small roofs or shading issues, and those who want battery ready systems. Check out what we have on offer and press the ‘get quote’ button anytime in December or January.

Register for our solar panel bulk buy, or to find out more about other bulk buys here.

We are also holding a free workshop on 6 December in the Town Hall, Macquarie Street, Hobart. Come along and find out about creating your own electricity and how to cut your energy bills.  RSVP a must.

Congratulations to Education for Sustainability Tasmania
Link to website video - Green Gown Community Award 2017

Tasmania is a United Nations recognised Regional Centre of Expertise in Education for Sustainability. Education for Sustainability Tasmania - a growing network of leaders in sustainability research, training and education recently won the Community Award at the 2017 Green Gown Awards! The video above was made for the awards ceremony. Congratulations and thank you to everyone in Tasmania striving to educate for sustainability.