Newsletter 2017 Issue 6


2017 issue 6
Hello from Sustainable Living Tasmania
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Let's ban plastic takeaway packaging!
Plastic is polluting our oceans

Hobart City Council will vote on whether to ban all single-use plastic takeaway packaging next Monday 7th August. Join scores of of our supporters who have already let the Alderman know that you support the ban. To help you do so, we've provided email addresses and draft content...

Farewell to Lissa, our Festival Director

After more than 9 years working with us, Lissa has decided to step down from the role of Festival Director. If you've attended one of our festivals in this time you may have seen Lissa zipping around on a scooter or bike as she kept the festival running smoothly. Thanks Lissa for all your hard work over the years! Here's what she has to say has about her time with us.

Re-inventing our Festival
Collage of festival highlights

Lissa stepping down is a natural time to for us to take a break from the Sustainable Living Festival. This will allow us to ramp up our Climate Solutions project, and to further establish Eco Home Guide and commercial energy consulting. In the meantime, our friends at Tamar NRM are running a Sustainable Energy Expo in Launceston on September 16th, which we are supporting (see you there). We'd love to hear your ideas on how we can shake up the festival format when we bring it back!

BIGGER is better for solar
Solar on a shed

A bigger Solar PV system is likely to pay for itself quicker than a smaller system including in Tasmania, according to a new report by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA). A 5kW solar power system is likely to pay for itself quicker than a smaller 2kW system, even if household electricity consumption is low. ATA states that since 2012, large systems (5kW or more) have fallen in price significantly more than smaller systems, while feed-in tariffs are starting to increase due to rises in the wholesale electricity price.

Don't miss out on Government assistance programs
government programs overview

If you want to cut your electricity bills and safeguard against increasing costs, why not take advantage of one of the two current Government schemes available? TEELS offers interest-free loans for up to $10,000 per adult in a household for energy efficient products. NILS (for concession/pension card holders) offers interest-free loans and a 50% subsidy on some energy efficient products. Sustainable Living Tasmania have partnered with suppliers to bring you the best in quality, energy efficient products at great prices.

Education workshops across the state
Workshop promotional image

Are you interested in education and sustainability? Would you like to increase your understanding of the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how Tasmanian organisations are working towards them? Would you like help identifying opportunities for application of the ideas in your own teaching, collaborations, workplaces and research? If so, the Local Steps towards Global Goals workshops are just the thing for you. All are welcome. The statewide workshops will be hosted by Education for Sustainability Tasmania, a growing network of leaders in sustainability research, training and education (including Sustainable Living Tasmania). Together, the members aim to harness the full potential of education to help more people develop the skills and capacity needed to protect our planet and ensure social and cultural prosperity for all.

Office Space for Rent

SLT office space available to rent.

Spread the word! We're looking for an organisation to sublet part of our offices. Private office with its own entrance, great natural light and views over city rooftops, and shared access to practically everything you need for your business: super fast NBN, printer, meeting space, phone system, event space, teleconferencing, videoconferencing, webcasting, kitchenette, toilets.