February 2017 Newsletter

Hello from Sustainable Living Tasmania
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Looking for some hope?
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Grab yourself a cuppa and learn how Tasmania can play a leadership role in solving climate change and thrive in the process! Hear about why leadership is crucial; the need for a positive, hopeful vision; our outline of a such a vision; and what you can do to bring it about. Please share this video to spread the word.

Introducing our new social enterprise
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Our new social enterprise, Eco Home Guide, provides tailored advice, the best sustainability products and services Tassie has to offer, and great prices. Plus, proceeds from sales are reinvested by Sustainable Living Tasmania back into making Tasmania a leader in achieving global sustainability. This short video shows you hot it works.

Solar panel special!
Solar panel special

Join 25,000 Tasmanian households in harnessing the sun to generate electricity with our special solar packages featuring top-quality Canadian solar panels and Zever inverters. Click the Get Quote button and complete the form to secure our special prices.

Interest-free loans
No interest loans available

The Tasmanian Government's long-awaited $10 million interest-free loan scheme for energy efficiency and renewable energy is due to commence in March. You will be able to loan up to $4,000 for households and up to $10,000 for small businesses with no interest for 5 years. So, now is the time to work out what you want and get quotes through our social enterprise Eco Home Guide. You should also register your interest with Aurora (who the scheme is being administered by) to be notified as soon as the scheme opens. Don't miss out!

CarrotMob Tasmania
Survey results

Thank you to the hundreds of Tasmanians who participated in our Carrotmob Tasmanian waste survey. Some respondents questioned the need for a $100 waste levy and others stated that they did not feel comfortable taking their own takeaway containers (like keep cups). The overwhelming majority however supported a container deposit scheme and a statewide switch from plastic to compostable takeaway containers.