September 2016 Newsletter

All things Festival - let's make it Awesome!
Hello from Sustainable Living Tasmania
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Time to get Excited! Festival program details now online
Sands circus performers

November is now just around the corner, so we hope you have already marked the 12th and 13th in your calendar. This year's festival will feature creative Tasmanians sharing their visions of an awesome future through story, poetry, music, art, circus and more. Our esteemed experts and leaders will examine how we can get to awesome in the festival discussions, and of course you will have the chance to smell, taste and delight in some of Tasmania’s finest culinary offerings in our cooking demonstrations. This year's fabulous line up of exhibitors will include the team from TESLA (in Tassie for the very first time) with their new Model S. There is still time to register as a volunteer, or to participate in a story or poetry slam (check out the articles below for more info about these).
Do you want to heat your water naturally?
Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water System

Solar can provide up to 75% of your hot water needs during a Tasmanian winter and all of them in summer. Apricus has been at the forefront of solar hot water technology and Sustainable Living Tasmania recommends Apricus because we believe they offer the best products on the market. Thanks to our partnership we will be offering fantastic packages on Apricus systems for 1-2 bedroom houses and 3-4 bedroom houses at the Festival. Just visit the SLT or Apricus stall for details
Calling all could-be festival volunteers!
Festival Volunteers at Cooking Demonstration

We’re looking for motivated people to join us for the Sustainable Living Festival as behind-the-scenes coordinators, to provide support over the festival weekend itself, and to help with setting up and packing down. We have roles and opportunities suitable for everyone, from MCs and photographers to cleaners and greeters. So, whether you have just a few hours to spare around November 12th or 13th, or you want to sink your teeth into a coordinator role, please register your interest, or email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Introducing our Collaborative Hip Hop for the Future
Hip-Hop dancers

We are very excited to say that we now have the backing track for our collaborative hip-hop tune! Listen to 'What's Left' now. If you have musical or rhyming skills then this unique collaborative challenge is your chance to release your inner hip-hop creativist by bringing together your love of the planet and music. For the rest of you - visit facebook regularly keep up to date with what is happening, and hear the verses as they come in. For further details email [email protected].
Carrotmob Hobart
Alesha from Bury Me Standing shop

Carrotmob Hobart is a campaign to collectively support local food retailers who switch away from plastic takeaway packaging to compostable options - we're using the 'carrot’ not the stick. We believe in the *power* of people to bring about *positive* change and right now we are calling on that power to help us tackle plastic packaging. We’re on a mission to encourage takeaway food businesses in Hobart to switch to more sustainable takeaway packaging and utensil options… and we need you! We want your help to reward businesses that agree to switch. It’ll be easy, all you need to do is buy your morning coffee, or lunch, or snack or sweet treat at food outlets in Hobart that agree to switch. Keep an eye on our Carrotmob page and visit us at the Sustainable Living Festival to find out which retailers you need to *mob* in appreciation. In the meantime, remember to support businesses that are already fabulous like Bury Me Standing and Frankies. Photo: Alesha from Bury Me Standing.
Remember to register for the storySLAM or PoetrySLAM
SLT Festival logo

Do you have an awesome story to tell? Perhaps you are a closet poet or storyteller just waiting to break out? Punters can sit in a Metro bus on the forecourt of PW1 and hear local raconteurs in the storySLAM and PoetrySLAM. Join us as we inspire Tasmanians to create an AWESOME future together.