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Hello from Sustainable Living Tasmania
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Tasmania's leadership role in solving climate change
Tasmanian farm in drought

Our vision is for Tasmania to play a leadership role in achieving global sustainability. A crucial part of this is playing our fair share in achieving the Paris Agreement targets. We have the ambitious yet achievable goal of Tasmania becoming greenhouse neutral by 2035 and a net sink for the remainder of the century. Read how we think it's possible in our submission to the Tasmanian Government's draft climate change action plan.

Let's sort out Tasmania's energy mess
Tasmania at night with lights on

We need to sort out the mess Tasmania is in with energy security, dependence on diesel and coal, worsening traffic congestion, haemorrhaging of around a billion dollars per year from the state economy on liquid fuel imports, and all of the emissions that go along with these things… more than any other sector of the Tasmanian economy.

Tasmania can, once more, proudly lead the nation and the world as the renewable energy island, but we won’t do so by sitting on our hands. We at Sustainable Living Tasmania want to lead the creation of a solid plan comprising specific, practical actions to increase energy efficiency, install new renewable generation, implement transit-oriented development, improve public and active transport infrastructure, and facilitate the uptake of electric vehicles. 

You can help. If you have expertise to contribute then get in touch, otherwise you can help us make it happen by making a tax-deductible donation.

We'd love to hear your thoughts
Help us build a sustainable living movement

We'd love to receive your feedback on our Climate Solutions strategy, as well as hear where you're at on your sustainability journey, and how we can help you to take the next steps on it.

Aged Care facility audits
Lots of laundry

Aged care facilities, particularly residential care, are energy intensive businesses due to the high comfort needs of residents, high levels of lighting, and energy intensive services such as laundry and kitchen facilities. Energy costs are a significant expense in the operation of aged care facilities but there are many opportunities to reduce energy costs while maintaining comfort. We recently audited nine aged care facilities in collaboration with the Tasmanian Climate Change Office and the Tasmanian aged care sector. We identified hundreds of opportunities for energy savings in the sector and we are already seeing the recommendations implemented with water saving showerheads, LED lighting and Solar PV being installed following our audits.

Time to get efficient
Victorian power station

With record low dam inflows and Tasmania burning fossil fuels to keep the lights on, it is time to do your bit to reduce energy usage. We can arrange energy assessments and audits to reduce your energy usage and keep the diesel usage down! A “walk and talk” energy visit involves an hour and a half of tailored advice to improve the efficiency for your home. It also includes follow up written advice all for just $200 + travel. For more information on our services click here. To arrange a visit contact [email protected].

Festival volunteer roles
Volunteers at the 2015 Sustainable Living Festival

We are looking for a team of creative and enthusiastic volunteers to help us make our Sustainable Living Festival happen! If you are interested in being an event volunteer in 2016 or taking on a specific task, check out the roles and let us know what you would like to help with! One role we are looking to fill right away is Festival Volunteer Coordinator. This person works one day a week to help recruit wonderful volunteers in the lead up to the festival, develop a roster for the Festival and provide orientation and guidance over the weekend. This person will work closely with and report to the Festival Director.

Feasting to support us
A yummy dish of tomatoes

Thanks to everyone who supported us through our annual Living Local Feast, a celebration of Tasmanian food and drink. Chef, Hugh Flint joined the team and helped to create a truly phenomenal menu highlighting the best of our region and season. Our Feast is unique in that it features exclusively Tasmanian ingredients and this year the menu featured sun loving produce including eggplant, capsicum, avocados and basil to name a few. Most of the items were sourced from small scale and backyard growers and all of it was Tasmanian. The feast comes at the culmination of the Tassievore Eat Local Challenge, a program that ran throughout March, encouraging Tasmanians to support local businesses and choose Tasmanian food and drinks. Please support the amazingly generous growers, foragers & businesses who donated produce for our Feast and check out our delicious menu.