Schmancy Salmon Dipper

Searching for a fancy (but uncomplicated) Tassievore entree or party nibble to impress the lovely people in your world? Look no further than the schmancy salmon dipper! it's a little bit special and 100% delicious and a perfect accompaniment to crisp vegetable sticks and all manner of breads and crackers. Continue reading

Tandoori Cauliflower

This is a meal to make a statement.  Marinate a whole cauliflower in yogurt and spices , bake, and serve whole with mint chutney.  It is a delicious and striking vegetarian dish to serve at a dinner party to impress your friends. Continue reading

Tassievore Palak Paneer

A Tassievore take on this scrumptious Indian favourite.  A creamy curry with lots of garden greens and fresh Tassie cheese.  Continue reading

Spelt and vegetable stir-fry

Who needs rice anyway?  The Tasmanian climate grows so much, but not rice, which has become a staple for many of us.  This fantastic stir-fry utilises locally grown spelt in it’s place, packing a nutritious and delicious punch that will have everyone asking for more. Continue reading

Crepes with veggies and hollandaise sauce

A delicious and elegant dinner using your garden harvest or market bounty.  Hollandaise sauce with it’s lemony freshness pairs so well with spring vegetables like asparagus and broccoli or with autumn goodies such as pumpkin, carrot and kale. Continue reading

Cauliflower and potato curry

This dish is perfect to use up freshly harvested potatoes, garlic, tomato and cauliflower from the vegie garden. If you haven't got a garden, the ingredients can easily be found at your local farmers market. Remember to source local produce and support our growers while reducing the distance your food is transported.  Continue reading

Adzuki and Quinoa Burgers

A healthy and simple vegan and gluten free burger made with nourishing adzuki beans and quinoa. These little burgers are great fresh or can be frozen, ready for a busy-day dinner that the kids will love. Continue reading

Roast Chicken with Apricot quinoa stuffing

Cool evenings call for hearty meals. This classic family meal has been given a distinctive Tassievore twist with the addition of quinoa stuffing, now it’s even better than the one mum used to make! Continue reading