Live & Learn


The Live & Learn program incorporates a series of workshops centred around our 7 SLT themes, training of sustainability educators and gatherings of past students and teachers to celebrate sustainable living successes.

About Live & Learn

The course is run over 7 workshops that cover each of SLT’s themes: building (and the built environment), energy, food (and growing), living, transport, waste, and water. It is targeted at people who are motivated to create change in their own lives and community but would like the knowledge, skills and support to help achieve it. The aim of Live & Learn is to set goals and progress your own level of living sustainably.

Peer-to-peer learning and practical activities are used regularly to make the course as engaging as possible. Participants are regularly encouraged to commit to making specific changes of their own choosing to maximise the positive impact of taking the course. 

Upcoming Opportunities

The 2015 Live & Learn Workshop was a great success, thanks to all the students and facilitators that made it possible. Keep posted here for 2016 Live & Learn Workshops and the annual Alumni Gathering.

If you would like to hear about the next workshop dates email [email protected]