Okonomiyaki - A story from Local Food Correspondent, Amy

A friend of mine recently introduced me to Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancakes). They are so easy to make and wow… talk about delicious, and more importantly 80% of the ingredients can be grown in your garden. I have been making these a weekly lunch special. This is my tailored vegetarian spin on the traditional Okonomiyaki.


All you need is; carrot, cabbage, broccoli, spring onion, wholemeal flour and eggs. I like to top mine with pancake sauce (can buy in Asian grocers, similar to BBQ sauce) and Japanese mayo but that’s optional.

The method always varies for me depending on my mood but basically goes like this;

  • Mix - roughly half a carrot grated, 3 cups of cabbaged shredded, one cup of finely cut broccoli and ½ a cup of chopped spring onion  
  • Beat around 4-5 eggs and add, as well as ½ cup of flour. It shouldn’t be too thick or runny. I normally add some salt here if I remember.
  • Pour into a hot and lightly oiled fry pan. Check the bottom regularly until golden looking and then flip and cook the other side.
  • To serve you can add the sauces I mentioned, sesame seeds and/or more spring onion
  • If you like meat, pork is traditionally added to this dish but my carnivore partner also likes bacon pieces in his…. 

Makes around 4 depending on the size.

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