Growing your own food: is it worth it? A story from Eve

Saving money is not my main motivation for growing food, but I've sometimes wondered whether it is really economical given that I have to buy seeds, manure and other things that go into the garden. So I kept records for the month of March (admittedly the most productive month of the year) and this is what I found:


From our fruit and veggie garden - which covers an area smaller than a tennis court - we either ate, or preserved for later consumption, about $180 worth of fruit and vegetables (based on market prices at my local supermarket). \
I spent $93 on garden stuff, made $27 selling veggies locally and spent eight hours working in the garden - though of course I wouldn't put a price on time spent doing something I love.
So, by growing food we saved $114 in a month. But the excitement of digging up golden spuds; the miracle of discovering hidden cucumbers; the pure joy of biting into a homegrown tomato? Priceless.

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