Cheap as Chips - A story from local food correspondent, Eve

Fifteen cents per serve for apple-kombucha-battered seafood with oven-baked Dutch cream chips and a seasonal garden salad? You've got to be squidding!
That's a rough estimate of the cost of our dinner tonight, which covers one egg, some cooking oil and flour and a pinch of bicarbonate of soda, the only ingredients that we had to purchase.

Our five year old was extremely excited to catch a squid on the weekend and my husband Andrew probably equally excited to catch the trout in the Central Highlands a few weeks earlier, which we cooked along with the squid. And I too felt like a kid on a treasure hunt as I dug the Dutch cream potatoes, like gold nuggets, from our garden.

Accompanied by a rainbow of a salad, also from the garden, this Tassivore meal was fantastic. If you make your own kombucha and want to try kombucha batter, try using it in place of soda water in this tempura recipe. It worked very well. 

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  • Lissa Villeneuve
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