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    Join for $10 plus a tax-deductible donation of your choice and enjoy the following membership benefits:

    • be part of an organisation that takes positive, practical and effective action on sustainability-related issues and activities in Tasmania.
    • connect with like-minded people of all ages.
    • get help to demystify the various products and services out there – we've done all the legwork and are happy to help you work out what you need.
    • borrow books and DVDs from our extensive library – from big picture thinking to practical details across all areas of living sustainably.
    • be kept in the loop on Tasmania's sustainability-related projects and events via our regular newsletter.

  • published Deb's Living Local Feast in Tassievore News 2017-06-01 10:27:59 +1000

    Deb's Living Local Feast

    One of the first supporter hosted Living Local Feasts was held recently, by passionate forager and local foodie, Deb.  Guests were treated to homemade cheeses; foraged cocktails; Acorn, spelt and herb bread; pine pollen and wattle seed crackers, wild pickled mushrooms; roadside foraged olives; backyard sultanas, and pick your own pine nuts....for entree!!
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  • published Pen's Living Local Feast in Tassievore News 2017-05-25 13:32:03 +1000

    Pen's Living Local Feast

    For my Host-your-own Tassievore feast I decided to Tassie-up a few of the recipes from Hetty McKinnon's fabulous cookbook Community. It wasn't super difficult as the salads already had lots of vegetables that we grow here and some grain foods like quinoa, bread and barley (which I swapped with local spelt). I snapped up some local cheeses and smoked wallaby and fish, plus Pigeon Whole Bakers gorgeous ruby-wheat loaf and the meal was complete! We really are so lucky to have such abundance so close to home. The children didn't take so fondly to the salads but we had some plain vegetables on offer too! 


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  • Winter Plantings - A story from local food correspondent, Amy

    I recently planted all my vegetables for winter; six rows of lettuce (cos, spinach, kale and mesclun) , onions (spring and red), garlic, potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower. Now I spend my afternoons checking if they’ve grown and making sure the pesky possum isn’t stealing my precious crop. I have got my soil mix looking rich and nutritious this year, so I am very excited to sample the goods. There is nothing like home grown veggies!   IMG_3796.jpg

  • Okonomiyaki - A story from Local Food Correspondent, Amy

    A friend of mine recently introduced me to Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancakes). They are so easy to make and wow… talk about delicious, and more importantly 80% of the ingredients can be grown in your garden. I have been making these a weekly lunch special. This is my tailored vegetarian spin on the traditional Okonomiyaki.


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  • 13 courses of AMAZING at 2017 Living Local Feast!

    Well, let us assure you, that the 7th annual Living Local Feast did not disappoint!  Held at Hamlet Cafe, chef Cam Perry and founder Emily Briffa, put on a truely remarkable feast!  13 courses of 100% Tasmanian fare - guests were treated to a gourmet menu including: Tomato & fermented celery soup; Oyster with coastal greens; Saffron Falafel; Wallaby tartar; and fig leaf cream, basil & sorrel granita.  As always, the auction had a selection of the finest produce, craft and wilderness experiences that Tassie has to offer and raised valuable funds to support Sustainable Living Tasmania. 

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  • Host your own Living Local Feast - 20 Taste Kits up for grabs!

    Do you love eating locally and wish everyone did? Well, here is an opportunity to raise funds for something you are passionate about, while sharing the local love with some of your nearest and dearest.   For the first time in 2017, we are asking you to host your own Living Local Feast - to share a delicious local meal with friends, open discussion about the benefits of eating local and support the great work of Sustainable Living Tasmania. All of the information you need can be found here.  And if you are quick, the first 20 people to register will get a Tassievore Taste Kit, which includes Tasmanian: Zig Zag Olive Oil; Willie Smith's Apple Cider Vinegar; Tas-Saff Saffron; Longley Organic Farm Mixed herbs; Diemen Native Pepper; and Tasman Sea Salt!  What more motivation do you need?  Register online today! 

  • Growing your own food: is it worth it? A story from Eve

    Saving money is not my main motivation for growing food, but I've sometimes wondered whether it is really economical given that I have to buy seeds, manure and other things that go into the garden. So I kept records for the month of March (admittedly the most productive month of the year) and this is what I found:
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  • DIY Cider Vinegar- A Story From Local Food Correspondent, Eve

    Have you tried making apple cider vinegar? It tastes great and has heaps of uses. I use damaged and windfall apples from under our tree, but it can also be made from apple peels and cores. You don’t need a large amount – the peels and cores of six apples will make a jar of vinegar. And if your tap water is chlorinated, you can boil it for 30 minutes to get rid of the chlorine.


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  • Eve’s Garden - A story from local food correspondent, Margaret

    After a couple of weeks of gorgeous unseasonal March sunshine, today is a lovely damp and grey, sometimes drizzly day, good working-in-the-garden weather and in the garden is where I find Liz Lelong. She lives in Petty St, just a few streets from me in West Hobart.

    Liz has created a wonderful market garden in her suburban quarter acre. After several years of intense work it is now her livelihood. 

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  • Host Your Own Living Local Feast

    Following on from the stellar success of our annual Living Local Feast, we are throwing the reins over to you, to help us raise funds and awareness about eating locally.  Please consider supporting the Tassievore Initiative by hosting your own Living Local Feast! 

    Here is everything you need to know about hosting your own feast for the Tassievore Eat Local Challenge in a locally-grown nutshell:

    Ways you can do it:

    • Invite your nearest and dearest around to your house for a meal cooked with mostly Tasmanian produce.
    • Make a group booking at a restaurant that you know does a great job with local produce and invite your food loving friends.
    • Organise a pot-luck picnic and ask everyone to bring something that features local produce or 100% local ingredients if they’re really keen.
    • You could even organise an event at your workplace or a local community hall if you’re feeling particularly inspired – this is an amazing way to spread the word!

    What we need you to do:

    Register via our online form

    • Enjoy sharing the wonderful food and drink that this island has to offer by hosting a feast before the end of June 2017.
    • Complete the questions on the “Host Questionnaire” there are some for you to answer as a host and some we’d like you to ask your guests.
    • Send round a hat/bag or tin for your guests/friends to make a donation to continue to promote the local food movement in Tasmania through the Tassievore Eat Local Challenge – hopefully you think it’s a worthy cause if you’ve got this far!
    • Donate any funds raised to Sustainable Living Tasmania (our host organisation) online – or contact Janine (  to find out about EFT options use “Tassievore HYO” as a reference
    • Share your pictures and stories with us through social media (and email too please!
    • Open up a discussion about eating locally (see list of conversation starters at the end of this info sheet if you are stuck!)

    Things that might help:

    Conversation starters (if you feel like reporting back on the discussion we’d love to hear about it!):

    • What are your favourite Tasmanian foods or drinks?
    • Do you have any edible plants growing at home?
    • Do you think about the origin of food when you are shopping or eating out?
    • What do you find most rewarding (or would find most rewarding) about eating locally?
    • What makes it easier (or would make it easier) for you to eat locally?
    • Have you found any shops or cafes that do an amazing range of local food?
    • How easy do you think it would be to eat mostly Tasmanian for a day/week/month/year/forever?
    • What are the problems or issues with eating locally or supporting local businesses?
    • What could Tassievore Eat Local Challenge do to support you and your friends and family to grow/buy/eat more local produce?
    • What do you know about where the food you eat comes from and how it’s produced?

    So why is Tassievore worth supporting?


    • We inspire Tasmanians to support their local farmers and businesses.
    • We encourage people to grow their own produce.
    • We show people where they can go to buy Tasmanian produce.
    • We offer simple affordable recipes so that people can cook their own Tassievore meals and snacks.
    • We connect Tassievores together to share tips and resources via our community group and facebook page.
    • We share stories about local farmers, businesses and fellow Tassievores to make buying, growing and eating local easier.
    • We help Tasmanians get the skills and knowledge to live more locally – which has benefits for our whole planet!
    • We’re volunteer-led and we want to keep growing and sharing the Tassievore love.

    Please help us on this journey by making a tax-deductible donation to Sustainable Living Tasmania.



  • What to do when you are out cucumbered - a story from Eve

    Almost every day at this time of year, I find a massive cucumber lurking reptile-like under the leaves, and I wonder how I managed to miss it day after day as I checked the plants. I am completely out-cucumbered at the moment: big and small, they’ve been piling up in the fridge. If you are experiencing cucumber overload or if you have a good local source of them, here are three variations on cucumber preserving, all of which I have tested recently.


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  • Cheap as Chips - A story from local food correspondent, Eve

    Fifteen cents per serve for apple-kombucha-battered seafood with oven-baked Dutch cream chips and a seasonal garden salad? You've got to be squidding!
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  • Local Legumes added to the Tassievore Diet

    As a vegetarian Tassievore, my quest for Tassie legumes has been a regular feature of tassievore posts. One of the first years, I grew my own black beans and cherished them so much that I ended up hording them so long that they got infested with some sort of weevil…devastating!! So, imagine my delight when I heard that Tasmanian chickpeas had been seen for sale.


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  • Apples in Spag Bol? A story from Local Food Correspondent, Eve

    “Mummy, why are you standing on the chair taking photos of food?” my five year old asked.

    “Because I’m writing about spaghetti bolognaise”.

    “That won’t be very interesting. Everyone knows about spaghetti bolognaise”, she told me.

    “But this bolognaise will be made only from food we have produced ourselves”.

    “Our tomatoes are much better than horrible shop tomatoes”, she replied.

    It is March, a great time to be doing this, with an abundance of end-of-summer veggies in the garden. My husband Andrew hunts and fishes, so we often have some form of protein in the freezer – in this case venison mince from a deer shot on a friend's farm in Oatlands.


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  • Tassievore 2017 - Looking for Local Food Correspondents

    Are you passionate about local food and supporting Tasmanian farmers and businesses?  We are currently seeking people to contribute to the Tassievore Eat Local Challenge as Local Food Correspondents.  We'd like to collate stories about sourcing local food - from restaurants, your garden, corner store or local market. We'd like to share profiles of people who have amazing backyard gardens, larger scale farms, or can cook up a delectable dish featuring local produce. If you love finding new things, experimenting with food or just talking to people who are, we'd love to hear from you. We are hoping that our Local Food Correspondents can submit at least one story with accompanying photo each month. If this sounds like a fun way to contribute, please email Lissa :-)  

  • Fun and Deliciousness! 2016 Living Local Feast

    A huge thank you to all of the amazingly generous volunteers, growers, foragers, brewers and businesses who made this fundraising dinner a stunning success!  

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  • published Week 2 - Ask for Local in Tassievore News 2016-03-08 15:41:42 +1100

    Week 2 - Ask for Local

    This week’s mini-challenge is ‘Ask for local’. This is a great excuse to get out and about and ask your favourite shops and restaurants about the local produce and products that they sell. You might even inspire them to stock more Tasmanian products and ingredients.

    To give you a bit of a head start we have visited two restaurants in Hobart that do a fabulous job sourcing local ingredients. Smolt Kitchen and Tasman Quartermasters are both passionate about what our island state has to offer and they were even kind enough to donate some gift vouchers for our week 2 challenge (and Living Local feast auction!).

    To be in the running all the you have to do is join our Tassievore community group on facebook (the link is at the top of our Tassievore facebook page ) and share your pictures and stories with us. We’d love to hear about businesses across the state that are doing a great job of promoting Tasmania’s bounty.

    Asking for local produce


  • Tassievore Farm Tours, Upskilling Workshops and a Feast!

    Throughout March we are celebrating our local farmers and their sustainably grown produce. As part of the Tassievore Eat Local Challenge, we are providing you with the opportunity to tour some of our most quintessentially Tasmanian farms. We'll be visiting the 2 Meter Tall Brewery in Hayes, Matthew Evans’ Fat Pig Farm near Cygnet and Whistler’s Ridge Permaculture Farm in Franklin.

    We also have some workshops to teach you new skills such as Working with Hand Tools in the Garden and Preserving. And of course, our anxiously awaiting annual fundraising dinner, the Living Local Feast, which will be on 2 April this year.

    Visit our events page to find out the details and reserve a place.

  • Weekly Challenges for 2016 Announced

    Love eating and growing delicious food?  Join the Tassievore Eat Local Challenge in 2016!  A fabulous way to support our local growers and retailers, connect with your food and learn some new skills.  This year, we will focus on 4 weekly challenges:

    1. Get Growing - Sow, Grow, and Harvest your own local produce
    2. Ask for Local - Choose to shop at locally owned business and buy locally made products
    3. Find your Food Story - Follow your food from Production to Consumption
    4. Share - Connect with other through food - swap some excess produce; host a Tassievore feast for friends or drop a tasty tassie treat to a neighbor.

    Connect with us online - like our Facebook Page, Join the Tassievore Community Group, and follow us on Instagram.