Fix leaking toilets

toilet.pngA barely discernible leak from your toilet's cistern is all it takes to lose over 200kL of water a year!

Leaking toilets often go unnoticed, but they are one of the most common water wasters in the home. A slow leak from your toilet's water cistern down into the toilet bowl can lose over 200kL of water in a year if left unchecked. 

To check for a leak in your toilet:

  1. Place a few drops of food dye into your water cistern
  2. Leave your toilet for 10-15 minutes without flushing. 
  3. If, after that time, you can see the dye in your toilet bowl, you’ll know you have a leak somewhere.

A deteriorating rubber valve in the cistern is one of the most common causes of toilet leakage. To fix it yourself you’ll likely need to fit new washers or install a cistern outlet kit, available at plumbing supply shops. Alternatively, call in your local plumber.