The leaders of the pack

AliCart Foodtruck

aliCart foodtruck is a local, family owned and operated catering service specialising in providing nutritious and healthy menus of global proportions, for events, festivals and weddings across Tasmania! Owner operator Richard Sansom is a passionate bloke, passionate about life, good food and most of all living a simple and sustainable lifestyle. Sourcing local Tasmanian ethically produced ingredients where and when he can, using 100% compostable takeaway containers, encouraging regular customers to BYO bowls and promoting healthy eating, aliCart foodtruck is doing their bit to promote and support sustainable living whilst providing their local community with some the of the tastiest and healthiest food options available. Continue reading

Source Community Wholefoods Cooperative

Source Community Wholefoods Cooperative is the ultimate leader of the pack in terms of sustainable packaging. They don't offer any takeaway packaging and they purchase everything in bulk. Source is a fantastic initiative on the University of Tasmania Hobart campus, providing a place to explore social and environmental issues, acting as a living example of urban sustainability that encourages community involvement and creativity.   Continue reading

Going even further

This week we had a chat with David Stephen, as he busied himself at the local Picnic Basket cafe. He is a gardener extraordinaire and has been experimenting with growing vegetables for many years. David's latest area of interest is coffee grounds, which according to him are better for the garden than blood and bone. He is currently helping the cafe to compost their food scraps, including coffee grounds and egg shells on site and now hosts a mini community garden, sustained by the compost he produces.  Continue reading

Bury Me Standing

Bury Me Standing in Bathurst Street is a small cafe packed with passion. From a little takeaway window you can purchase biscuits, coffee, bagels, toasted sandwiches and delicious treats, all made on site. We had a chat with the lovely Alesha to find out what she has done to tackle plastic waste. Wow what a dynamo! She purchases compostable packaging for her customers, makes her own food and drinks (like soda) on site to minimise waste, uses natural dyes to brand her produce, takes any unsold food to Brightside farm sanctuary and to top it all off, she encourages customers to BYO packaging.  Continue reading


Frankies Empire is a relaxed and welcoming café in Elizabeth Street and the owners take their environmental responsibility in their stride. All their takeaway packaging and cutlery is compostable and they make their food onsite. When asked whether it was difficult or expensive to walk the path of least environmental impact, they simply said no. They love people bringing their own cups and takeaway containers and find it easy and not too expensive to order compostable takeaway packaging products. Continue reading

Want to switch?

Throughout November and December we are going to use our vast social media reach, our monthly newsletter and our annual Sustainable Living Festival (with an estimated 10,000 visitors expected) to prompt our network to support retailers in Hobart who switch to compostable takeaway packaging.  We are going to use the Carrotmob approach – and encourage our Sustainable Living Tasmania network of thousands of people to come together in a collective way to support and reward food retailers in Hobart that switch away from plastic takeaway packaging to compostable options. Continue reading