Get yourself a keep cup with screw on lid

Through Carrotmob Hobart, we are looking for shops that have great BYO packaging ideas. Teros was founded in 2014 by four locals who wanted to bring to Hobart a source of inspiration to live a healthier and greener lifestyle. They diligently research and carefully select products that meet green, ethical and healthy criteria. They have a large range of great reusable packaging, cups, utensils and more. In particular, check out the insulated coffee mug with screw top lid. Clip it to your bag and away you go!

Teros carrotmob

Their products must:

  • promote or enhance sustainable practices
  • enhance physical and mental health
  • be made of natural, organic, sustainable, biodegradable or recycled material
  • be manufactured in a way that is sustainable and fair
  • be used to improve energy or water efficiency
  • be made, preferably, in our region or supports local economies and
  • not contain harmful chemicals and its production does not produce harmful by-products.