July 2015 Newsletter

  Hello from Sustainable Living Tasmania
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We need you!


We really need your help. Join up for $5 for another year. Your membership represents support for us on so many levels. Be part of a critical mass of supporters, so that we can continue to take positive and effective action on sustainability-related issues and activities.

DIY double glazing workshop


Join us at the SLT event space on Aug 26th 6-7.30pm to learn how to fix your windows and stop those winter draughts. We'll show a range of DIY approaches, techniques, materials and suppliers. $10 members and $12 non-members.

Live and Learn workshop


In October and November, we’re running a series of seven workshops for people who are motivated to create change in their own lives and community and are looking for additional knowledge, skills and support to help achieve it. We’ll teach you sustainability skills in all seven of our SLT themes - building, energy, food, living, transport, waste and water.

Don’t Waste Hobart


In our newest project, Don’t Waste Hobart, we plan to find out which wastes you are interested in, then provide practical waste reduction tips. We need two volunteers, a social media butterfly to help share educational content and someone to research the curly questions and ensure that we give the right recycling information.

Call out for Volunteers for the 2015 Sustainable Living Festival


We welcome all ages, experience, interests and there are volunteering opportunities for all levels of participation. Whether you're interested in simply lending a hand on the day, or perhaps keen to get more deeply involved by taking on a role to coordinate one of the elements of the festival itself, there will be something just for you! A unique way to build community, contribute to a great cause, and have a bit of fun.

Our Final Footprint - a guide to green funerals


Perhaps you have diligently recycled and re-used all your life and thought about your carbon footprint when choosing where to holiday or whether to drive or walk to the shop. These actions have all become pretty much second nature. But what about when we die? How do we transfer these life principals and plan for our funeral arrangements with the environment in mind?

Website tips, events and news


We love our new website and we’d love to see your stories and events displayed. Help us spread the word and transform Tasmania by adding sustainability events you are holding, or news you have to share, or tips you have that could help others live more sustainably. It’s simple to add to our website, give it a go… just remember to keep it sustainability related.

The Owner Builder magazine


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