Home Ventilation Systems

Ever wanted to know about Home Ventilation Systems? Find out all you need to know in our new guide developed after a survey of Tasmanian households with these systems. Home ventilation systems are intended to control condensation, recover warmth from your roof cavity, transfer warmth around the house and help with summer cooling. 



Home Ventilation Systems guide


Key findings

- Most survey respondents were highly satisfied (54%) or satisfied (33%) with their ventilation systems (see page 13).

- Systems with a roof cavity inlet and/or outside inlet are highly effective at reducing condensation problems (see page 12), although we recommend trying other options first (see page 3).

- Systems are less reliable at improving comfort and energy use (see page 13).

- There is doubt around how much useful warmth a roof heat recovery system can provide. It is highest in autumn and spring, and for homes with poor passive solar gain (see page 5). Building materials and construction are other likely factors not explored in this report.

- In general we recommend only heating the room(s) you are using, a practice which most currently available heat transfer systems prevent. As such, we recommend against heat transfer systems except under particular circumstances (see page 6).

- All currently available systems have suboptimal controllers. We specify optimal control logic as a challenge for suppliers to implement to improve their products (see page 10).