Toys R... what we want!

The wonderfully creative folk at Ashton & Peek and Cooper Screen Academy are making a high quality television ad with us pro bono. The ad will communicate how awesome the future could be if we solve climate change together! What's this got to do with us wanting toys? Read on...

The ad will feature kids playing out an awesome future with toys. So, we need toys that can help create that imagery. We've already got some small solar panels and a couple of other bits and bobs, but there's a bunch of things we're looking for. Have you got any such things that you could lend us?

We're looking for things that look as realistic as possible, so scale models are ideal (perhaps in the 1:10 - 1:50 range, bigger is better), but more simplistic representations would be fine too.

To suit the palette of the ad we want things to be either grey or blue. If you've got something a different colour that we could paint that would be ace too.

Wind turbines


Car (that we can pretend is plug-in electric)

Truck (that we can pretend is electric; so no prominent exhaust pipes)

House (a dolls house that we can paint and pimp with solar panels would be great)

... Or perhaps you'd like to help by making some food for the shoot so our volunteer actors, producers, etc don't go hungry? If so, get in touch via the contact page.

... Or you could make a financial donation to help us get the ad on air.

Thanks for your support!