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  • commented on Climate solutions 2017-08-25 09:56:04 +1000
    It’s great what you’re doing and I know its very hard to get the message out there, but I feel you could do a lot more to promote your work and get it in the public sphere.

  • commented on Tasmania's emissions target 2017-08-23 18:07:54 +1000
    The graph indicates that Tasmania should reduce net emissions to zero by 2035 after which total emissions are still in negative to compensate for the LULUCF emissions we used up since 1994, but by 2100 would also be close to zero, correct?
    There will still be an awful lot of GHG in the atmosphere [500ppm?] and temperatures would still be increasing due to the long tail off of CO2. Even if the rest of the world would adopt a scenario such as Tasmania [which they are obviously not] it may still not end global warming by the end of the century. [the absorption of CO2 is very uncertain science as yet]

    So I would prefer it, just to make sure, if your plan for Tasmania used a scenario where LULUCF plus Agriculture, Aquaculture and possibly industrial processes continued and increased sequestered carbon, which means that rather than Tasmania doing the minimum to comply to targets, we are able to compensate for those less willing or able to. [ climate equity] We have that potential, imagine how much renewable energy we could export to the mainland if we invested more in renewables rather than relying on our Hydro. Imagine the good image we would have as a world leader in sequestration and sustainability. I would love to see all the coloured lines well below the baseline please.

  • donated 2017-08-23 14:19:47 +1000

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