Grow your own food

food.pngThere's nothing more satisfying than watching your garden grow from seeds to thriving living plants.

Organic, fresh and delicious food doesn’t need to clean out your wallet every week. You can grow it yourself in your backyard, on your balcony, or even on your windowsill. It’s easy, it tastes better, you’ll save money and it’s super satisfying.

Growing your own tucker cuts out the middle men: the farmers, truck drivers, aeroplane pilots and packers who all play a role in getting the food you buy at the supermarket from the paddock to your plate. Practically every step of that process costs the Earth, from the chemicals commonly used on commercially grown produce, to the emissions produced transporting it, and the packaging it comes in.

Dig deep

You can grow food pretty much anywhere these days, as long as you can give your plants the sun and water they need to survive. Gardens are great, but if you’re lacking in green space then pots, vertical balcony gardens and DIY planter boxes also work well.

Take a look at Sustainable Living Tasmania’s 'Planting Guide'



to find out what plants grow well in Tasmania, and when to start them off. Make sure to choose your planting location wisely too – you want a sunny, sheltered position, away from overhanging trees or structures. Finally, make sure to use a good quality compost and fertiliser to give your plants the best chance of survival.