Greenfleet at the Festival

Greenfleet discusses electric vehicles at Tasmanian Sustainable Living Festival


Electric vehicles are gaining popularity fast and are seen as a next step toward sustainable and environmentally friendly transport. But do we need to connect them to car share systems to make this a reality?

Not-for-profit organisation Greenfleet was proud to sponsor and attend the Sustainable Living Festival in Hobart from the 31st October - 1st November 2015. As part of Greenfleet’s sponsorship, Greenfleet’s Chief Executive Officer Wayne Wescott took part in the ‘electric vehicles’ panel discussion.

The diverse range of panel speakers included representatives from the Sustainable Living Festival, Hydro Tasmania, the University of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Climate Change Office.

Greenfleet’s CEO Wayne Wescott explained that Greenfleet aims to connect mobility, sustainable transport, climate change and biodiversity by looking at the ‘bigger picture.’

“Greenfleet works closely with start-up companies around Australia to work with information systems that are changing business models in our community. Some of these systems include economic driving, Wi-Fi enabled devices, smart feedback processes, gamification, integrated transport options and more.” Mr. Wescott said.

He added that, "The trick is to combine two things, which is low emission vehicles (such as electric vehicles) with car share systems. A large threat to our liveability is congestion due to horrendous traffic. Data collected on this topic demonstrates that low emission vehicles tied to car share systems reduce the level of car ownership – people make economic decisions about commuting by car, bicycle, public transport or foot.".

Some large companies, such as Australia Post, now offer electric vehicle fleets to their staff for both professional as well as personal use, which is very beneficial to the environment. This is an example of a holistic approach, matching with Greenfleet’s mission of connecting climate action and restoring Australia’s biodiverse native forests.

Greenfleet representatives connected with a number of existing individual and corporate supporters throughout the festival, with a number of local businesses and festival attendees expressing interest in taking practical climate action with Greenfleet.

Since 1997, Greenfleet has partnered with organisations and individuals to plant more than 8.6 million native trees across Australia – creating more than 400 native and biodiverse forests. To find out more about Greenfleet please visit