Future projects

Community bulk buys

Following on from the success of our heat pump bulk buy with over 200 people registering their interest in just two months, we would love to help the community choose and access other energy and resource efficient technologies. Considering their low fuel consumption and urban-practicality, electric bikes could be our next community bulk buy. Solar hot water and ventilation systems are other options.  Continue reading

Solar rooftops

We would like to launch a crowd-funding campaign to help the development of community energy projects. We would love to help communities to do the feasibility studies and get projects to the point where they are ready for the community to invest in. 

Community garden support

We acknowledge that it can be difficult for people running community gardens to advertise and promote their great work. We would love to employ someone full time to assist the various community gardens around the state to drum up support and perhaps even venture into creating regular Farmer's Markets at the sites.  Continue reading

Live and Learn Sustainability Education Workshops

We would love to run regular Live & Learn Educational Workshops to encourage and empower people to live more sustainably and to create change in their own lives. The series cover each of our themes - building, energy, food, living, transport, waste, and water. Peer-to-peer learning and practical activities are used regularly to make the course as engaging as possible. Participants are regularly encouraged to commit to making specific changes of their own choosing to maximise the positive impact of taking the course.  Continue reading