Frankies Empire is a relaxed and welcoming café in Elizabeth Street and the owners take their environmental responsibility in their stride. All their takeaway packaging and cutlery is compostable and they make their food onsite. When asked whether it was difficult or expensive to walk the path of least environmental impact, they simply said no. They love people bringing their own cups and takeaway containers and find it easy and not too expensive to order compostable takeaway packaging products.

Yum Food at Frankies

Frankies Empire offers nourishing food styles from around the world and is renowned for its delicious juices, smoothies, hot chocolate and coffee. They also allow Food Not Bombs to use their venue each Saturday afternoon to provide free bowls of soup to people in Hobart.

Takeaway packaging used by Frankies
We also found this on their Facebook page, another big tick for Frankies! Go and check them out, we know you’ll love them.

Frankies cupifesto