Volunteers are the glue that holds our Festival together

As this event continues to grow, we need a team of creative and enthusiastic volunteers to help us make it happen! If you are interested in being an event volunteer in 2017 keep an eye on this page for updates.

Express your interest in volunteering for the Sustainable Living Festival


Whether you are looking for work and want to build your resume; recently retired and keen to use your skills on a meaningful project; a new parent seeking mental stimulation from a small role; or you want to meet new people and work for a more sustainable Tasmania – we’d love to have you on the team! 

Sustainable Living Festival volunteers


There are many components that make up the Festival Program.  Each needs a champion to help drive it.  These roles are for people who want to take a project and run with it.  Time requirement varies, but all require a commitment to semi-regular volunteer hours in the lead-up to the Festival. Do people accuse you of knowing everyone?  We need people with lots of connections (or the willingness to contact people you don’t really know) to help populate our festival program with engaging presenters, inspiring speakers and dynamic performers.  In 2016, we are specifically looking for the following:

Safety Officer – Give your medical or first aid experience a sustainable spin, and help us make sure the festival is as safe as can be. For this role, you’ll need a current first aid certificate, and to be on-hand over the festival weekend.

Exhibitor Liaison Coordinator – Are you so organised that you make lists of your lists? If so, this might be the perfect role for you. We need someone to manage stallholder registrations and exhibitor communications, as well as overseeing bump in and setup in the days preceding the festival. 

Festival Promotion Coordinator - We need help with getting the word out.  Help us publicise specific components of the festival program to interested networks? Tweet and Facebook your heart out? Do some basic design tasks? Line up interviews and news coverage of the festival?  If marketing and promotions is your thing, we would love to hear from you!

Social Media Communicator – Do you spend lots of time on facebook and twitter?  If so, we would love your help in communicating exciting developments via our SLT pages and helping SLF connect with a wider audience.


These roles are suited to people who prefer not to take on too much responsibility, but want to help with organising the Festival. Roles may be a couple of hours a week or just a couple of hours to complete a single task.

Transport Assistant – In the week before the PW1 event and directly after, there are lots of items requiring collection and delivery to and from PW1. IF you have a large vehicle and are happy to help with transporting equipment in the days before and after the Festival, please let us know!

Photographers - During the weekend we need people to capture the festival in images.  If you are handy with a camera, we would love to have you on our team! 

MCs - Our talks space, festival stage and cooking demonstrations all need someone to introduce the sessions and presenters as well as make any festival announcements between sessions.  If you are confident speaking to a crowd and happy to help, please get in touch.  

Technology Support - We're a pretty low-fi event, but having someone on hand to troubleshoot any issues that arise with the laptops, data projectors and the like would be wonderful.

Layout Master – We need help developing the layout plan for SLF 2017. Ideally this person can also be available on one or more of the bump-in days in the lead up to the festival, to turn the plan into reality onsite.

Data Monitor
 - The Festival is a great place to connect with people and find out about their sustainability journey as well as some more basic quantitative info about our audience. We are looking for someone to coordinate the collection of info via our exit survey over the weekend and to analyse the data gathered after the event.

Over the Festival week - Come and be a part of the Sustainable Living team! We need team leaders and general volunteers to be on the Welcome Team, SLT Stall Team, Gopher, Festival Program Team (MCs, technology support, state manage, etc), Exhibitor Support Team and Clean up Crew. Whether you can spare the whole weekend or only a couple of hours - we need you!