Registration information

Registration and cancellations

Registrations close 26 September 2016.

We reserve the right to decide whether your exhibit or workshop meets the objectives of the Festival and whether it will be accepted.

Spaces will be allocated on a first in, first served basis. Priority will be given to sponsors and people who have registered with full payment.

Due to budget constraints, we may limit the number of registrations accepted from community organisations. Places will be granted on a strictly first in priority basis.

Please note stall space is for floor space only and all stalls are 3m deep. We strongly recommend you pace out your selected space so that you understand the dimensions your display must fit into. Please contact us if you require different dimensions to those listed.

For a refund cancellations must be made in writing before 4pm 2 October 2016.  A $50 administration fee will be charged. Cancellations made after this date will NOT be refunded.  

Walk the talk

SLF encourages organisations to be sustainable in their practices and aims to demonstrate sustainability in every aspect of the event. Please use biodegradable materials serving all food items and minimise the paper and other materials you hand out. 

Exhibitor set-up

Everyone who is onsite is required to wear a high vis vest while vehicles are in the venue.

Access for vehicles on site from 9am–5pm on Friday 11 November.

Exhibitor pack-up

Access for vehicles from 4:30pm on Sunday. Please note this is contingent on all members of the public having exited the building and ONLY the festival staff are permitted to open the doors to allow vehicle access. Anyone who brings a vehicle onsite before this time will be charged a $250 fine and may be banned from participating in future events!

Risks and constraints

Speak to the Festival Coordinator for permission to put up materials taller than 2.5m. Additional fees may apply.

The exhibitor retains all risk and is responsible for any loss or damage that occurs (including on hired materials).

Please use only the display area you have paid for. If you use extra space during the event you will be charged for it.